Thursday, July 23, 2009

Worm & Slug Infestation McDonald's Bridgeton

BRIDGETON -- A worm and slug infestation has plagued a McDonald's restaurant on Broad Street since 2006, according to a letter from the owners of the franchise to local officials.
The owners write that they "are in trouble and concerned for the public's safety, our employee's well-being and our business" due to what they say are "thousands of worms" living in the foundation of the Broad Street eatery.
The restaurant was closed on Wednesday and remains closed today.
The letter, also states that worms -- in addition to slugs -- have been "living and thriving in the restaurant."
They have allegedly been found in and around the store's soda systems and in the walk-in refrigerator.
Slugs, have been found in the walk-in refrigerator and around the dish washing sink.
"We found worms about two weeks after we bought the site on January 7, 2008 from McDonald's Corporation," the owners of the franchise write, adding that the county health department confirmed through employee interviews that the worm infestation has been on-going "at least since 2006."

As a result of the discovery, the store was closed the following day with notice given to the public that "plumbing work was being done on the store."
"We tried to share as much as we truthfully could without harming the store," the Persons wrote.
Worms and slugs are allegedly still being found in the store.
"There can be no compromise. We need and the citizens of Bridgeton deserve nothing less than a safe and healthful environment in this McDonald's restaurant," they added.
County health officials could not be reached for comment Wednesday, when news of the infestation first broke, or today