Tuesday, July 7, 2009

McDonald's - Fill it up green please.

McDonald's has been selling burgers and fries for decades, and now there is the coffee war with Starbucks going on. Where will McDonald's take us next? Will they jump on the bandwagon and go green? It looks that way, with electricity.
Apparently, McDonald's is going to be a service station for electric cars. They will have electric recharging stations, part of the ChargePoint network. (see the charge point below)

We only have two questions:

1.How many electric cars are out there? We don't know anyone who owns one.
(but we spend most of our time in the kitchen)

2. Because most current EVs take a couple of hours to recharge, how long does McDonald's expect customers to wait?
Maybe we don't understand the full potential here, and perhaps McDonald's will get the last laugh. Only time will tell. We picked up some information, we don't know if these numbers are exact but here goes:
The base price for a fully electric car is around $110,000. This is almost 4 times as much as the average cost of a new car. The good news is that it is almost free to operate a fully electric car. We are told that it costs about 1 cent to drive a mile. This is based on charging at night, when electricity is cheaper. This comes out to about $100 per year to operate.

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