Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Fierce Humboldt Squid Invade San Diego

SAN DIEGO - Thousands of aggressive, jumbo, flying squid, 5-foot-long sea creatures with razor-sharp beaks and toothy tentacles, have invaded the shallow waters off San Diego, scaring scuba divers and washing up dead on tourist-packed beaches.
The carnivorous squid, which can grow up to 100 pounds, came up from the depths of the sea last week and swarms of them roughed up unsuspecting divers. Some divers said the tentacles enveloping their masks and yanking at their cameras and gear.

In 2005, a similar invasion off San Diego delighted fisherman and, in 2002, thousands of jumbo flying squid washed up on the beaches here. That year, workers removed 12 tons of dead and dying squid.

For more information about this squid watch this:

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