Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Top Chef Judge Toby Young, He's Back!

Top Chef' judge Toby Young, is back for season 6.
It seems to make a good reality show you need a good villain.
Toby Young joined Top Chef halfway through Season 5 and began his roll as resident villian. He is a British author and restaurant critic who dished out steaming orders of strong opinions and unkind words, causing some fans of the show to take a step back. Young said one chef's fish tacos tasted like cat food, that was on his first appearance. But liked him, "Young was nasty in the best of ways."

So, Young is back for Season 6, and he announced: "Well, I'm pleased that at least some people out there seem to like me. I think that it's always fun to get a reaction, and to start a little controversy. I've been doing that my entire career. Honestly, if I hurt any one's feelings then I regret that. It's hard to tell. At first I think I thought the contestants were kind of pretending to take it all really seriously, and behind closed doors they were laughing it up and saying it's just showbiz. But I don't think they were pretending. So when that dawned on me, I tried to take their feelings into consideration and be a little less brutal."