Tuesday, July 14, 2009

$25,000 Fine for Yogurt - one day past expiry date

DUBAI, A British chef is in big trouble. he is facing a 92,000 dirham fine (about US$25,000) after being convicted of storing expired yogurt in a restaurant at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Begging the judge to have the fine overturned when his case was heard at the Criminal Court (yes, that's right, criminal court) of Appeal yesterday, the head chef, pleaded that he was only an employee and should not have been the one charged with the offence."I signed the documents, but I did not understand that I would be the one charged.

I'm only an employee,"

The offending item was found by Abu Dhabi Municipality inspectors during a routine visit about a month ago.

PH's attorney said the food was only one day past its expiry date.

Following his conviction, the chef was ordered to pay 70,000 dirhams for not educating his staff on the emirate's food expiration laws, 20,000 dirhams for storing expired food, as well as 2,000 dirhams in municipality fees.(you do the math)

The appeal verdict would be known on July 22.