Sunday, July 26, 2009

Iguanas on Flordia Menus?

Author George Cera and his new cookbook, says residents of Florida should begin eating iguanas to avoid a possible population explosion of the animals.
With the species breeding in the wild throughout Florida, George Cera wants iguanas on Florida residents' plates rather than loose in the wild.
"Listen,'' the author of "The Iguana Cookbook: Save Florida… Eat an Iguana" said. "In Central America, in South America, in Mexico, iguanas are considered a delicacy. We ought to be eating them.''
Iguana researcher Kenneth Krysko of the University of Florida said iguanas are becoming widespread in Florida.
"They are widespread,'' Krysko said. "And there are tens of thousands of them."
The state and federal laws for the pet trade are partially to blame for the growth of such reptile species in Florida. For Cera, the problem stems from iguana owners who simply released the creatures into the wild.
"They were brought here. They were let loose by idiots, now they are destroying Florida. We can't let that happen.''

In neighborhoods from Key Biscayne to Boca Raton, it is the night,and day, of the fearsome-looking iguana.
These large reptiles that can reach 6 feet in length and are multiplying rapidly.
A female, on average, lays 50 papery-skinned eggs at a time, and maybreed twice a year. With no natural predators to keep their numbers incheck, the big reptiles appear to be thriving.

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