Sunday, July 19, 2009

Was MasterChef Australia Rigged?

OUTRAGED fans have taken to the Internet to label MasterChef a fraud after cook Julie Goodwin won the crown in last night's finale.

A majority of Australia's culinary experts didn't back her either, but Goodwin took the title from Adelaide's Poh Ling Yeowin in a three-round challenge.

The MasterChef finale last night set a new record with 3.7 million Australians tuned in to see Julie defeat Poh in the grand final, which put it ahead of the record-setting Australian Idol finales of 2003 (3.3 million) and 2004 (3.35 million).

Overnight #masterchef became the top trending topic on social networking sight Twitter. But many users said they felt “deflated” and “ripped off” by the final episode of the hit show.

Stumbling and fumbling through the series Goodwin, who has admitted at times she came across as a "dithering idiot" on TV, which has left many scratching their heads.

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