Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's Not Have Pizza in Halmstad, Sweden

The pizza in the city of Halmstad, Sweden is better left uneaten .
Food safety inspectors have found that almost 90% of restaurants that serve pizza fail the minimum levels of hygiene.
To think that only 9 of the 70 restaurants in town serving pizza passed the inspections is unthinkable.
Food safety inspectors were horrified with what they found during their unannounced checks on restaurants. With the overwhelmingly majority of the restaurants failing miserably with basic hygiene, the inspectors said, "we’re quite shocked, we actually didn’t think it would be this bad. There were nineteen places that didn’t have access to a functioning washbasins with soap and paper towels.”
In 49 cases the food in the freezer lacked dates, and nobody knew exactly what it was.
One of the most appalling discoveries was one restaurant that was infested with a species of beetle that lives off dried fish, meat and cheese. Inspectors locked the doors immediately.

But wait, there's more; storing food in toilets and having no washbasins were major no no at another restaurant.
Filth in the pizzerias and food stored in toilets.