Saturday, July 11, 2009

As The Michael Butter Churns

You may remember we ran a story about the Iowa State Fair and the Michael Jackson butter sculpture. We all saw how big everything about Michael was last week, and just after his death the fair butter people announced that they would be honoring Jackson by creating his buttery image. (and no, this is not the Michael Jackson butter statue you see here)

Butter organizers have decided to have a vote at their website because of the many protests they have received. "We've had a lot of feedback, mostly negative" since an announcement on the Fair's website a week ago that the traditional butter statue of a cow would "share the spotlight this year with a salute to the late Michael Jackson," the Fair's general manager Gary Slater said.

If you want to cast your ballot; VOTE NOW.

And as if PETA didn't have enough to do, they have called for the statue to be made out of Earth Balance buttery spread, not real butter. . In a PETA statement: We do respect Iowans' right to honor the late icon, so we've come up with a solution—one that's good for children, cows and Michael's legacy. We're suggesting that the fair make the statue out of Earth Balance, a dairy-free natural "buttery" spread, instead. By keeping their tribute to Mr. Jackson dairy-free, they'd be honoring his memory in a (cholesterol-free) way that's fit for a king.
Tune in tommorow for perhaps another episode of: As The Michael Butter Churns.