Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fishing with GRENADES - and zero common sense


Two fishermen in Russia are lucky to be alive after the blast from a hand grenade they were using to catch fish explodes too early.

These idiots decided it would be a better option to fish with hand grenades, dropping them from their inflatable boat instead of the traditional rod and reel.

As a result, the grenade that exploded just as it hit the water knocking the men over and sent their equipment flying into the water.

We know this type of fishing isn't uncommon, but it's still dumb.

Monday, July 30, 2012

M.Y. China by Martin Yan will open fall 2012

This Fall, 2012, legendary, celebrity chef (we really like this guy) Martin Yan will bring his knowledge, Chinese culinary tradition and culture authentic to a modern dining experience.

M.Y. China by Martin Yan will deliver fun and experiential Chinese dining in an innovative atmosphere.
The restaurant will have an open kitchen and will be just one of the many design features, allowing diners to watch the chefs at work.
We're talking about the intricate folding of dumplings and won tons to the hand-pulling and twisting of noodles. The restaurant will also feature a floor to ceiling array of small monitors along one wall with continuous loops of Martin Yan cooking shows, creating a digital mosaic of the chef in his element.

At least the Asian Food Channel as smart enough to present Chef Yan on TV.
We always felt the other food networks missed the boat by not having Martin Yan as part of their lineup.

From their Facebook page: "We are so proud to announce the launch of our new website."
MYCHINASF.COM - See. Taste. Discover what is coming in October!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Horsehead Chef

We aren't sure what we're watching here.
But we have this Japanese man wearing a horse mask and a slingshot mankini cooking up toxic Amanita muscaria, aka "Sacred Soma magic mushrooms."
The Horsehead Chef is, “a performance artist from Japan that goes by the name of WOTAKEN."

Must we say it?

Woman drops dead at McDonald's counter

Did you hear about the woman who drop dead at counter of McDonald's... and the staff just kept serving burgers?
This happened in Croatia.
Apparently the dead woman was propped up in a corner and had a napkin placed on her head, while workers kept serving customers until her body was removed by mortuary staff.

The McDonalds's  staff say it was only the drive-thru section that remained in operation after the woman dropped dead in front of the counter.
But we keep hearing that after efforts to revive her failed, the woman was propped up in the corner of the restaurant and had a napkin placed over her head as workers continued to serve other customers.
The woman, thought to have died of a  heart attack, had complained of feeling unwell just moments after going inside the fast food restaurant in the southern town of Sibenik.
She collapsed at the counter and, despite emergency services being called, doctors were unable to revive the Bosnian woman, who lived in Denmark but had been visiting the area.

Croatian media is reporting that the body was in the restaurant for an hour-and-a-half before the mortuary car arrived to remove it.

While we don't have photos of the woman propped up in the corner, with a napkin over her head, we do have something close to it.

There was a funeral in New Orleans recently, where during the wake for musician Lionel Batiste his body was propped up in a standing position at the front of the room.
See photos below, this may give you the general idea about the woman in McDonald's.

Sorry, it was the best we could do.

“Veggie” diet blamed for poor performance of China’s women volleyball team

Afraid of eating tainted meat, the Chinese women's volleyball team has been on this strict vegetarian diet for the last three weeks, which the team's coach is now blaming for his athletes' terrible performance.
The Chinese team lost four of five matches at a world tournament in Ningbo, China, falling to the United States, Brazil, Turkey and Thailand.

“They have showed significant decline in their strength and fitness” coach Yu Juemin said of his squad after the defeat to the US. “We are wary of meat tainted by lean-meat powder, and we didn't eat any during the game period."

All Chinese athletes have been warned by the country's Sports Ministry to avoid meat contaminated with the powder, also known as clenbuterol, because it's banned by the International Olympic Committee as a performance-enhancing substance.

China bans the use of clenbuterol in livestock because of the chemical's noxious long-term effects on human health, (China? Seriously?) but many pork farmers still use it it because it produces leaner meat. (so much for the ban)

 The World Anti-Doping Agency issued a warning last year about clenbuterol-tainted meat in China as well as Mexico, where it is also widespread.
As a result, the Chinese volleyball team only eats meat at its training camp, where the food can be tested for contamination. When players go elsewhere in the country, they don't eat pork, beef and lamb — and that's what happened leading up to the volleyball World Grand Prix finals tournament.
Some other Chinese athletes are compensating by eating more fish and chicken and supplementing their diets with protein powder. 

Clenbuterol is an asthma drug in some countries because it helps dilate the bronchial tubes.
It is also the substance that cyclist and two-time Tour de France winner Alberto Contador tested positive for in 2010, and that lead to his being stripped of his victory in that year's race and banned from competition.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bacon is at the top of Britain’s favorite 100 foods

Bacon is ahead of chicken, chocolate and even duck and lobster.

This report, by Food Network UK, also tells us that the banana is now Britain’s favourite fruit, coming in at number 8 on the list, ahead of apples.

Asparagus is the favorite vegetable, at number 14, and artichokes coming in at number 19.

Ice cream may be the top dessert, but it ranked at 27th.
Salmon was voted the top fish, in 15th.

Chilli is the favorite spice, 22nd.

English spread Marmite was voted 35th favorite food.


1. Bacon
2. Chicken
3. Chocolate
4. Steak
5. Beef
6. Lamb
7. Bread
8. Banana
9. Baked beans
10. Apples
11. Strawberries
12. Avocado
13. Pasta
14. Asparagus
15. Salmon
16. Duck
17. Prawns
18. Apricots
19. Artichokes
20. Blue Cheese
21. Sausage
22. Chilli
23. Eggs
24. Anchovies
25. Cashew nuts
26. Cherries
27. Ice Cream
28. Lobster
29. Scallops
30. Almonds
31. Aubergine
32. Mushrooms
33. Blueberries
34. Garlic
35. Marmite
36. Black pudding
37. Pork
38. Tuna
39. Chorizo
40. Cod
41. Haddock
42. Mango
43. Raspberries
44. Tomatoes
45. Turkey
46. Yoghurt
47. Cereal
48. Rice
49. Venison
50. Broccoli
51. Grapes
52. Beetroot
53. Mussels
54. Pineapple
55. Coconut
56. Mackerel
57. Sea Bass
58. Sushi
59. Corned beef
60. Crumpets
61. Hummus
62. Peach
63. Porridge
64. Rhubarb
65. Trout
66. Blackcurrants
67. Custard
68. Halibut
69. Oranges
70. Sweets
71. Brussels sprouts
72. Butternut squash
73. Carrots
74. Golden Syrup
75. Noodles
76. Sweet potato
77. Watermelon
78. Cauliflower
79. Cucumber
80. Gravy
81. Kippers
82. Lentils
83. Mayonnaise
84. Melon
85. Onions
86. Pate
87. Peanuts
88. Pesto
89. Pomegranate
90. Popcorn
91. Sole
92. Spam
93. Cabbage
94. Carrot
95. Cous cous
96. Cranberries
97. Ginger
98. Goose
99. Ham
100. Honey

Friday, July 27, 2012

Man hides cash in oven; it gets baked in the oven

It's one thing when high taxes take your money, it's another when you try to hide your cash, and it gets baked.

A man from Sydney, Australia, sold his car last weekend for  $15,000 (approximately $15,652 in U.S. dollars) and it was suppose to be for his mortgage payment and other bills.

For some reason only known to him, he decided to hide the cash in his oven, which rarely gets used.
Meanwhile his wife turns on the oven, preheating it for chicken nuggets and yes, it cooked the cash.
"It was everything I had, 'I've got nothing to my name. That money was supposed to go towards my mortgage."

His wife couldn't  stop crying when telling her husband what happened.
The cash was baked into a colorful burnt mess. (see the photo above)
The man asked his lender and the Reserve Bank of Australia for help.
The Reserve Bank advises people to take damaged currency to a bank. 
So, it seems the damaged banknotes will be assessed at the RBA's Damaged Note Laboratory in Cragieburn, Melbourne, where analysts will carefully look them over in accordance with RBA guidelines.

"It's a bit of a relief knowing that most of it can be paid," the man said.

The cash is so badly damaged it could be difficult for bank tellers to analyze, and the banknote assessment is primarily visual.

The bank tellers will painstakingly work their way through stacks of bills that have become fused together because of heat damage to determine the full value.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Drought Will Cost You

Lurking in the very near future is a financial crisis that is going to hit the economy: the food prices crisis.

The extreme temperatures and drought that devastated the corn crop has taken the price to $8 a bushel — up 50 percent from where it was priced at just a month ago.
Soybeans are at an all-time record price, almost at $17 a bushel, up from $13, just two months ago. These two major crops are now all-time high prices.

According to the USDA, 78 percent of the corn crop this year is now in a drought-impacted condition, and 77 percent of the soybean crop is also affected.

Food prices overall rise about one percent for every 50 percent increase in corn prices, partly because corn is used in almost everything.
But it's the household food budget that's going to pay.
A large portion of the corn and soybean crop are used to feed livestock. While the impact will be impressive, it most likely won't be immediate.

Ranchers will bring more of their hogs and cattle to market now, because it will be expensive to feed them over the winter.
So the first impact on the market will be lower prices.
But then, after a few months, you’ll see prices of beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and dairy start to skyrocket sometime in November.

So the bottom line is this, while the drought is affecting 88 percent of the country's corn crop, consumers will see a 2.5 to 5 percent spike in prices for beef, pork, eggs and dairy products. The drought will also impact export prices, sending the price of corn higher around the world.

Now might be a good time to think about your food storage supplies.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dozens become ill taking Disney's 'Wild Africa Trek' tour

There is an investigation underway after several dozen people became ill, which was linked to Walt Disney World's "Wild Africa Trek" experience.
This is a tour in where small groups of people get a up-close at the wildlife in Disney's Animal Kingdom and a enjoy a catered meal served on the theme park's manmade savannah.

Investigators have documented "several dozens of cases" of illnesses among guests who took the Disney tour in June and July, said a spokesman for the Orange County Health Department.

"It appears to be some kind of stomach bug, It could be food-borne, it could be water-borne, it could be something that's passed on person-to-person, it could be something that's picked up by surface."

Disney has undergone a "deep cleaning" of various surfaces that guests touch, distributing more hand sanitizers, and re-emphasizing hand-washing policies to guests and employees.

The Wild Africa Trek is one of the most-exclusive experiences at Disney World. Guests pay from $139 to $249 a person —  not including the basic park admission — for the three-hour tour, during which guests explore wooded overgrowth, peek over a cliff at a pool of hippos, cross a wooden bridge above crocodiles, and dine in a safari-style camp.

The county Health Department was alerted to the outbreak on June 11, and immediately inspected the kitchen at Disney World where employees prepare the food served on the trek, but they found no problems.

The Health Department said that the reported symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue and nausea.

Several people have reported their illnesses on DisBoards.com, a popular forum for Disney fans. One of those who posted said he or she was "extremely sick" by midnight the day after taking the tour, with vomiting that lasted for about five hours and pain, cramping and diarrhea that endured for more than a week. Another said his wife had to take him to the emergency room because of complications.

A third person said questioning from health officials has led her to think that they are zeroing in on hand washing and common items touched by guests during the tour, including binoculars.

All evidence so far suggests the illness "was confined to this one excursion" and not widespread within the rest of the Animal Kingdom theme park, which draws approximately 9.8 million visitors a year.

"Many times we're not able to find a source," the health department spokesperson said. "What we see in a lot of these cases is it boils down to hygiene. Simple hand washing — proper hand washing and hand sanitizer — because all it takes is one person that doesn't do it that has a germ on their hands and they touch a surface. And it can just take off."

'I heard Indian people eat with their hands still' - Oprah puts her foot in her mouth

Let's be honest here, Oprah Winfrey loves to eat, that's obvious.
But eating with her hands is something she is disgusted by.

As a result she has started a uproar in India after she is heard asking whether Indian people still 'eat with their hands.'
Her thoughtless remark was uttered as she sat down to dine with the Somani family in Mumbai. (photo above)

While visiting the Somanis, an upper-middle-class family living in Mumbai, India, Oprah sits down for her first traditional Indian meal, and she is advised to eat with her right hand only.

According to Indian tradition, meals are not eaten with forks, knives and spoons.
It is also customary to eat only with your right hand, and use the left for moving food onto one's plate from a serving dish.

None of this matters to Oprah, as she dips the bread with her left hand.

Finally, in exasperation, Oprah gives up the one-handed eating altogether, saying: 'So I'm going to use both hands, or I’ll be here all night.'

Her remarks have drawn angry criticism from Indian citizens, who have roasted Oprah for her insensitivity to Indian customs and traditions.

"Myopic, unaware, ignorant and gauche," wrote journalist Rajyasree Sen in a scathing review of the show posted by the India-based news service Firstpost.com. "This was Middle America at its best worst."
In an open letter to Oprah that appeared on IBNLive.in.com, Rituparna Chatterjee, (U.S. Correspondent at The Economic Times) wrote: 'As a responsible public figure about to air a show that will be beamed across the world, you should have done your homework.'
The letter goes on: ‘Using our hands to eat is a well-established tradition and a fact none of us are ashamed of. Our economic distinction has nothing to do with it.
'A millionaire here eats the same way a pauper does. You have been to Asian nations. You should know that.'
In a statement, a rep for Winfrey's production company, HARPO, told E! News: "The intention of the program was to explore the beautiful culture and spirit of the country. We enjoyed the time we spent there and were touched by the people who so generously shared their stories for the show."


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Battle of the Burgers

There is more than three pounds of ground beef, 12 slices of bacon, a dozen slices of cheese, with 12 onion rings.

Dale Kay is in the photo with the monster burger above.

This monstrosity of a burger is being served up at Smokeys, a new restaurant in the Black Country, Walsall, West Midlands.
They have been open for several weeks now and no one has completed the challenge of eating the 12-inch burger in an hour.

Four friends started up Smokeys restaurant in hopes the company will be able to offer apprenticeships and one day become a chain.
The four friends are: Dean Keys and his brother Dale Keys, David Corr and John Cadrick, and they were inspired by  Man vs Food and their visits to America.

Yes, this is a really big burger, but the 'world's largest burger' was 'constructed' at the Alameda County Fair in California. (see photo below)

Weighing in at 777lbs, is three feet thick and five feet in diameter. Guinness have approved the feat as a world record, beating the previous 'holder' from Canada by 187lbs.

But, we congratulate Smokeys, and if we are ever in your neighborhood, we'll take you up the burger challenge.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Couple refuses to tear out vegetable garden after demands from council

With nothing better to do, a Canadian council is going around terrorizing vegetable gardens.
Michel Beauchamp and wife Josee Landry planted this incredible vegetable garden on the front lawn at their Drummondville, Quebec.
They have cucumbers, tomatoes, beets and Brussels sprouts, but according to the town code, gardens can only take up 30 per cent of front yards in the St-Charles-de-Drummond neighbourhood where they live - everything else must be grass.

But Michel Beauchamp and Josee Landry are rolling up their sleeves, ready to fight, petitioning to save the thriving vegetable garden, the one the council wants to destroy.
The couple have been given two weeks to tear up most of their garden, which feeds them and many of their neighbours.
The deadline was yesterday, but Mr Beauchamp and Ms Landry refused to obey.
Instead, they are petitioning for the council to ease up on the rules, which are fines of up to $300 a day.
'It must be a right to be able to grow our vegetables on our land. It is nonsense to ban it,' Mr Beauchamp said.

These two gardeners have more than 6,000 signatures in favor of their cause. 
Authorities said that community members had complained about the garden but the Beauchamp's said no one had complained to them and that they share much of what they grow.
'They love it. Everybody is surprised by the kind of taste we can have from fresh vegetables,' he said.
The city plans to make all front lawn vegetable gardens illegal this fall. 
But that ridiculous measure would only apply to new gardens.

The 'Slo Mo Guys' wrap 500 elastic bands around a watermelon

Slow motion is an interesting thing.
Human events seem to take on a new dimension, or at least that's what the 'Slow Mo Guys' may be thinking.

The 'Slow Mo Guys' wrap hundreds of rubber bands around a watermelon, building pressure, leading to an explosion of melon destruction.
It took 20 minutes to wrap the rubber bands around the melon and then recorded the action with a camera that can take 1,600 images per second.

Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy used a sledgehammer on a computer before, played golf with an apple, and exploded 'bottle-bombs', capturing each in slow motion.

The pair barely explain why they do what they do, Instead they seem to simply enjoy watching objects explode in slow motion.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

British couple catch 12-foot Sturgeon in North America


A couple from England just may have caught the biggest fish ever caught in North America, a 12-foot white sturgeon weighing 1,100 pounds.
Michael Snell, 65, and his wife, Margaret from England, caught the gigantic fish during a trip to Chilliwack, British Columbia in Canada.
Margaret held on to her husband during the hour-and-a-half hour long war to bring the fish to shore.

Michael Snell and his wife, Margaret, both of Salisbury, England, reeled in a 12-foot were in the Fraser River area, that's where they caught a five-foot long sturgeon in 2009. 

He tried to reel in the fish, but that battle took 45 minutes before he could even see the top of the fish.

His wife held on to his harness so he wouldn't be pulled into the water during the struggle.
Eventually they managed to get the fish to shore with the help of their guide, Dean Werk.
The fish, a white sturgeon 12 feet, four inches in length and a girth measured at 53 inches.
Michael said, 'It all happened so quickly. When we picked her head up out of the water, it was almost three feet wide. I never knew a fish could be that large.'

'A dinosaur', Dean Werk (left side of the photo) the couple's guide called the fish.
He said it was unlike anything he's seen, saying, 'I've been a professional fishing guide on the Fraser for 25 years and I've never seen a sturgeon this big.'

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The 7-Eleven mashed potato and gravy machine


Singapore is in love with vending machines that dispense mashed potatoes and gravy in a matter of seconds, just like a slurpee, at where else, but 7-Eleven.

Even though the potato comes out looking something like banana/ vanilla milkshake, it apparently solidifies as time goes on.
When the button is pushed, the machine mixes with boiling water and instant mash potato powder. (yummy)
When the buttery potato pours out of the machine, chicken gravy squirts out on top.
Although the mash appears to have a watery consisinstant the instant potato seems to be similar to KFC’s mash - only better, we'll, that's what we're told.

This potato treat costs just a Singapore dollar (80 U.S. cents) and, when you can no longer stand eating the chicken gravy, there is also a BBQ flavored option. 
Representatives from 7-Eleven say there are no plans to bring the machines into U.S. stores. (thankfully)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Burger King employees fired after the lettuce photo is shared online

Three Ohio Burger King employees were fired after a photo of one of them standing on two open bins of the restaurant's lettuce appeared online.

Burger King released a statement saying the workers at the Mayfield Heights store were fired after the picture was posted.

"Burger King Corp. has recently been made aware of a photo posted on a social networking site that allegedly shows a Burger King restaurant employee violating the company's stringent food handling procedures," the statement read. 
"Food safety is a top priority at all Burger King restaurants and the company maintains a zero-tolerance policy against any violations such as the one in question."

"The restaurant where this photo was allegedly taken is independently-owned and operated by a Burger King franchisee. The franchisee has taken swift action to investigate this matter and terminated the three employees involved in this incident," the company said.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Prince Charles Toast

Two bidders battled it out over the telephone for the slice of white toast which is believed to have been served to Prince Charles on the morning of his wedding to Diana Spencer. 

The winning bidder paid $350 for the 30-year-old toasted bread.

A spokeswoman for the auction house said: "The slice of toast went to a UK buyer. 
"There was a round of applause when the gavel dropped, then it was like 'Oh crumbs ... it's sold!"'

The slice of toast was sold on behalf of Rosemarie Smith, from Derby.
She took it from a tray after visiting her daughter at Buckingham Palace just hours before the royal wedding.

The 83-year-old said: "At the time my daughter was a maid at the Palace and one of her duties was to collect Prince Charles's breakfast tray from outside his room.

"I was with her in the corridor and saw that Prince Charles had left some toast on the tray. I had been thinking about a keepsake from the wedding and saw the toast and thought to myself 'Why not?"'

"I just wandered into the auctioneers out of curiosity and asked them if it was worth anything," Smith said.

"I was pleasantly surprised to hear them agree with me that it could be of quite some value to royal collectors."

Look at the toast very carefully, take a good look.
We are certain there is a face on that toast.
We see thin lips, a nose and eyes that are closed...
We're not saying it's the Virgin Mary or Jesus, but we see a face, or at least we think we do.

Celebrity Chefs - rolling in dough

Chef Gordon Ramsay of "Hell's Kitchen" - "Kitchen Nightmares" and owner of 23 restaurants is the highest earning chef in the U.S., with a global income of $38 million, according to Forbes.

Rachael Ray with $25 million and Wolfgang Puck $20 million  rounds out the top three.

Forbes' magazine says that factors, such as TV, merchandising and cookbooks helped pump up their incomes.

Here's the ranking of the top paid chefs:

1: Gordon Ramsay, $38 million
2: Rachael Ray, $25 million
3: Wolfgang Puck, $20 million
4: Paula Deen, $17 million
5: Mario Batali, $13 million
6: Alain Ducasse, $12 million
7: Todd English, $11 million
8: Nobu Matsuhisa, $10 million
9: Bobby Flay, $9 million
10: Guy Fieri, $8 million

We were surprised that Anthony Bourdain wasn't on the list.
We checked, and while we can't get an accurate number on his TV shows, Anthony Bourdain makes around $1.5 million dollars each year. He makes most of his money from live appearances rather than his book or television show.
His total worth (we are told) is $6 million.

Additionally, Emeril Lagasse (back in 2011) had an estimated net worth of $18 million US annually. In 2012, who knows?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

300 teenagers 'smash mob' Wal-Mart - firing shots and having a food fight

Somewhere around 300 teenagers mobbed a Wal-Mart in Jacksonville destroying $1,500 of property, starting a food fight and shooting guns.

Police think that this gang may be the result of an out-of-control party which the police broke up earlier in the night.

So here we have hundreds of teens, who police believe are all aged under 18, invade  the store around 11.30pm. stampeding, grabbing produce, including loaves of bread and fruit, and starting a food fight. 

While the food fight is going on, others are stealing things and taking pictures of the riot on their phones. 

Terrorizing: Some of the teenagers posted footage of the rampage onto YouTube; police are still investigating.

Wal-Mart spokesperson defended their employees for calling 911 and not getting involved to break up the mob.

'The actions of these teenagers were deplorable and put at risk the safety of innocent bystanders. We're committed to assisting law enforcement in any way we can to help identify the people responsible for the commotion, including the acts of vandalism and theft that occurred at our store,' read the Walmart statement.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Invasion of the tiny crabs

It's something no one has seen before, in fact, it seems no one is definitely sure what they are.

Biologists at the Waikiki Aquarium are puzzled, and they have been getting reports of the crabs from Kahala to Ala Moana, all this week.

"The lifeguard called and asked what these things were because she had reports of surfers were actually have these things crawl up on their boards and onto them," says Norton Chan, Waikiki Aquarium Biologist.

He can't find a specific name for the animal - all he knows is they are some type of crab still in the larvae stage.

"What you are seeing is a swimming stage probably a few more molts before they settle into their actual crab stage itself," says Chan.
Aquarium officials are saving some, hoping to keep them alive long enough to see how they grow.

So, here's what we know- absolutely nothing.
It's unknown where these crabs came from, how big they'll get and what they eat.

NEEDLES found in sandwiches on four U.S.-bound Delta flights

The FBI is investigating how needles got into turkey sandwiches on four Delta Air Lines flights from Amsterdam to the U.S.
The airline said that small sewing needles were discovered in six sandwiches on four planes that departed from Holland.
The other needles were on two flights to Atlanta and one to Seattle.
The FBI has opened a criminal investigation into the matter, the agency has said.
The airline has increased security for its meal production and is using more prepackaged food while the investigation continues.
The sandwiches were made in the Amsterdam kitchen of catering company Gate Gourmet, and we're serving business class passengers on Delta flights out of Schiphol Airport.
After the needles were found, passengers got pizza instead.
Gate Gourmet spokeswoman Christina Ulosevich said the company has gotten no reports of similar incidents on any of the other airlines it serves out of Amsterdam. 
She said the company did not yet know how the needles got into the sandwiches.
Gate Gourmet issued a statement saying, 'We take this matter very seriously, and we have launched our own full-scale investigation.' 

In a statement the airline said: 'Delta is taking this matter extremely seriously and is cooperating with local and federal authorities who are investigating the incident.' (sounds almost identical to the statement made from Gate Gourmet)

One of the passengers traveling on a Delta Airlines flight who ate one of the turkey sandwiches, on his second bite, a one-inch long sewing-type needle pierced the roof of his mouth. 

For some reason authorities believe that the needle might be tainted with some form of germ/infectious material, including traces of HIV. The needle is presently undergoing tests, and the victim has been put on a recently FDA approved HIV drug as a precautionary measure.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Kate Upton blasts critics: 'I'm not going to starve just to be thin'

Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton laughed off comments made on a pro-anorexia site that she was fat.
“I’m not going to starve just to be thin. I want to enjoy life, and I can’t if I’m not eating and miserable," she said.
We agree!

Upton, is one of the most popular models in the industry and she is also the spokesmodel for Carl's Jr. restaurants.

The anonymous blogger, who refuses to post a photo of herself on her own website, Skinny Gossip, calls herself "Skinny Gurl" described Kate Upton as a "little piggie" with "huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs and terrible body definition."

She also wrote the following caption next to a photo of a bikini-clad Upton walking the runway: "Did you know that humans are 80% genetically identical to cows? Well, allow me to prove it to you."

She added that Kate, 20, "looks thick, vulgar, and she's a solid 30 pounds too heavy for a bikini."
This blogger, who claims she's a 20-something ex-model who's 5-foot-7 and weighs 100 pounds also encourages self-harm, starvation diets and other eating disorders.

She remains committed that skinny is beautiful, and insists she's entitled to her opinion.
That's true, and so are we; "you are an unfortunate individual that  wallows in misery and is desperate for others to join you." 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

SF considering ways to limit plastic water bottles

San Francisco, the city by the bay, the city that regulated Happy Meal toys and banned plastic grocery bags, has a new witch hunt in progress, plastic water bottles.

City officials want to require owners of new and renovated buildings with water fountains to install special bottle-filling taps. The law is suppose to herd thirsty people to refill their water bottles, instead of using another bottle of Aquafina.

"This is the appropriate next step to make it easier for San Franciscans to get out of the bad habit of using environmentally wasteful plastic water bottles and into the good habit of using reusable water containers," said Board of Supervisors President David Chiu,(photo below) who introduced the legislation.

Bottle-filling taps are already located at San Francisco International Airport and at some city parks and schools.
Installed behind a drinking fountain's regular faucet, the dispensed chilled water comes in a quick-streaming flow that will fill most water containers.

Advocates say having bottle-specific spigots encourages the reuse of water bottles by eliminating long waits to fill them and removing concerns about germs. 
But there are those who are horrified at the thought of drinking from a fountain exposed to so many mouths, even though city officials say water fountains are just as safe as bottle taps.

Many people doubt the ordinance is even necessary, since the new taps use the same public water that comes out of faucets and drinking fountains.

Adding a bottled-water spigot to existing water fountains would cost at least around $750, according to manufacturers.

Chiu said he considered other aggressive measures to do away with the bottle, including a fee and an outright ban. The proposed ordinance is less severe and is meant to raise awareness about drinking tap water as an alternative, he said.

Environmental groups are supportive of efforts to wean San Franciscans from plastic water bottles.

"San Francisco has among the best drinking water in country. It's ridiculous that people would go out and spend their now very limited dollars to buy bottled water," said Mae Wu, an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Chris Hogan, an International Bottled Water Association spokesman, welcomed efforts to encourage drinking tap water, but said they don't require demonizing bottled water.

"When you make the argument to discourage people from drinking bottled water, you are removing the healthiest option when it comes to choosing a bottled beverage," Hogan said.

We could care less if people drink tap water, that's up to them. But we like the taste of bottled water, that's what is important to us.
So, we just purchased 10 cases of bottled water for the Voodoo Kitchen.
Cheers David Chiu.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Man Eats Underwear to beat breathalyzer

Here are a few things to have fun with over the weekend:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Only McDonald's will be allowed to serve French Fries at the Olympics

McDonald's has arm twisted the Olympics to ban all other restaurants from selling French fries, unless it's served with fish.
This demand will make life difficult for hundreds of restaurants and food retailers who would otherwise serve fries with many popular dishes.
Olympic decision makers have banned all 800 food retailers at the 40 Games venues across Britain from serving French fries because of 'sponsorship obligations.'

The memo reads: 'Due to sponsorship obligations with McDonalds, Locog have instructed the catering team they are no longer allowed to serve chips on their own anywhere within the Olympic park.
'The only loophole to this is if it is served with fish.'
'Please understand this is not the decision of the staff serving up your meals, who given the choice would gladly give it you however they are not allowed to.
'This is being escalated through to the directors of L2012C and Locog and the IOC. 
'Please do not give the staff grief; this will only lead to us removing fish and chips completely.
'Everyone has a right to work in a none abusive environment.'

(Above photo, McDonald's, yards from Olympic stadium)

But the ban on fries means visitors from all over the world will be not be enjoying British favourites, including sauage and chips, gammon, egg and chips, lasgane and chips, steak and chips and chicken and chips.

French Fries will only be allowed to be sold with fish, saving at least one British classic.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

We know that many people reach for chocolate when feeling a bit depressed.
Meet Teresa Widener, age 45. (photo above)
This woman eats 3lbs of rocks and stones each week to lift her spirits.
Apparently Teresa suffers from the disease Pica, she has eaten more than 3,000lbs of rocks in her lifetime.

At meal time, Teresa Widener (right) and her daughter Kelsey Bayne, 22, enjoy two very different comfort food.

When it's a bad day, Teresa reaches for pebbles and rocks she has stashed away in her special kitchen cupboard. 

Other Pica sufferers eat a anything from soap and sponges to lightbulbs. (yes, you read correctly)

Teresa said: 'Over the last 20 years I've eaten on average 3lbs of rocks each week. It fluctuates depending on how I feel.
'If I feel down then I eat lots more because it comforts me. If I know I have some at my house I feel better, just knowing they're there.
She said: 'I pick the ones I like the look of. I like the earthy flavour of them so sometimes I just suck the mud straight off them too.'

Even though many people take mineral supplements, the uncontrollable urges in sufferers could stem from a dietary deficiency of certain minerals.

Doctors think Mrs Widener's need for rocks could be caused by an iron deficiency. (try cooking in cast iron, just a thought)
If the rocks she collects are too big, Mrs Widener breaks them into bite-sized pieces with a rock hammer.
She said: 'I've never had any medical problems because of the rocks but I don't go to the toilet too often and my tummy hurts a little sometimes.'