Sunday, July 26, 2009

Greenpeace, always good for a laugh, this time at Trader Joe's

We are embarrassed for Greenpeace. With nothing better to do, dressed in their, little fish costumes, outside of San Francisco Trader Joe’s stores, calling attention to the supermarket chain’s seafood sales.
The protest is because Trader Joe's didn't do what a Greenpeace analysis of seafood policies wanted them to do.

During the demonstration, activists dressed in Hawaiian shirts similar to those worn by TJ’s employees.

Among them were two protesters costumed as orange roughy, an endangered species listed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

By all means the United Nations and Greenpeace have higher thoughts than all of us about such things.

Greenpeace people were in a booth outside of the stores asking customers to vote for sustainable seafood.

Officials then wrote the stores a mock citation. (really, we aren't making this stuff up)

This smells a lot like a page out of the PETA playbook—finger pointing, public shame, petitions, citations, singing clowns and fish. Here's a little more of their work: See For Yourself

It's the same old song and dance but the good news is,
it's always funny and the world needs a little laughter.