Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chinese Man Auctions Girls’ Saliva as a Tonic

A Chinese auction site, something like eBay, has recently banned a potential online seller from profiting from the sale of the saliva of pretty teenage girls, yes, that's right, spit.

Why would anyone want to buy the saliva of pretty teenage girls? This is the question, isn't it?
The answer, at least according to the seller, is that the saliva is “a tonic” and a virtual steal at $4.00 for a small bottle.

Each bottle was offered for sale accompanied by a listing of the pictures of the 18-year-old girl the saliva was supposedly taken from.

The seller admits that so far he has not even sold one bottle of his… er, products.

“The drool was all collected from 18-year-old pretty girls when they were sleeping.
And buyers can pay later after they certified the authenticity of this product,” Zhou told the press.