Monday, July 27, 2009

Now you can order fast food without talking to anyone.

Do you love fast food, but would rather not talk to anyone?

You might want to try the new ordering kiosk at Jack In The Box, maybe coming to your neighborhood.

Now you can order fast food without having to talk to anyone.

This one purportedly talks to you and includes pictures with options and sides.

Stine Enterprises Inc., owner-operator of Jack in the Box restaurants, added state-of-the-art kiosk ordering in its restaurant located at limited locations.
"I decided to implement kiosks when I saw the level of guest enthusiasm and overall customer satisfaction in Jack in the Box restaurants where the kiosks were installed," Stine says. "Kiosks facilitate the ordering process, our guests like it, and it improves our ability to serve our guests during our busiest times. Once one of our cashiers is freed from standing at the register, she can focus on other tasks that improve service and the guest experience."
The interactive interface and convenient ordering attracts Stine's guests resulting in more than 100 kiosk orders each day.

The kiosk presents food options that are not easily displayed on the menu board and may not be suggested readily by the cashier.

Guests move quickly through the kiosk's colorful graphic-filled menu and order items by simply touching the screen.
In addition, an employee will act as kiosk host to assist first time users and facilitate order taking during the restaurant's busiest times.

We aren't sure how this is a whole lot different from their human service, but there seems to be a trend with self checkout and less human contact.

Let's wait and see.