Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vegan parents charged in child's death

Some of our readers insist on repeating the mantra, "Go Vegan" in hopes to inspire the Vegan lifestyle.
Well, two vegans who fed their 11-month-old daughter only mother's milk went on trial in northern France charged with neglect after their baby died suffering from vitamin deficiency.
Sergine and Joel Le Moaligou, (Sergine in the photo above) whose vegan diet forbids consuming any animal product including eggs and cow's milk, called the emergency services in March 2008 after becoming worried about their baby Louise's lack of energy.

When the ambulance arrived at their home the baby was already dead.

The ambulance workers called the police because the child was pale and thin, weighing 5.7 kilos (12.5 pounds) compared to an average eight kilos for her age.

The baby was fed only her milk from her mother, and the autopsy showed that Louise was suffering from a vitamin A and B12 deficiency which experts say increases a child's sensitivity to infection and can be due to an unbalanced diet.

"The problem of vitamin B12 deficiency could be linked to the mother's diet," said Anne-Laure Sandretto, deputy prosecutor in the city of Amiens where the trial is taking place.

The parents became vegan after seeing "a television program about how cattle were taken to abattoirs," said the mother's lawyer.
 It seems they distrust traditional medicine and prefer to treat their children using their own methods, which they read in books.
"The couple did not follow the doctor's advice to hospitalize the baby who was suffering from bronchitis and was losing weight when they went for the nine-month check-up,"
"They preferred applying clay or cabbage poultices whose recipes they found in their books. These are people who read the wrong thing at the wrong time," the lawyer said..
The parents are still vegan and "are completely aware of the mistake they made," said the father's lawyer.

The couple has been charged with "neglect or food deprivation followed by death" and face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ina Garten the "Barefoot Contessa" rejects 6 year old cancer victim

Ina Garten, Food Network's celebrity, known as the "Barefoot Contessa"  has done it again.

It seems she has repeatedly refused to meet with a 6-year-old boy named Enzo who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The boy, watched Ina Garten from his bed, and he made a request to the Make-A-Wish Foundation wanting to meet the"Barefoot Contessa."
The boy was told that her schedule was too busy, so Enzo decided to wait for a better time.
When the request was made again later, Garten's representatives answered with a "definite no," according to the online blog that the family kept about the boy's illness.

Maybe the most insightful comment came from Business Insider: "We're sure that she truly is pretty busy. But if she had time to throw a charity lunch for six Hamptonites -- who paid $100,000 to be there -- she can make time to whip up some meringues with a six-year-old."
Those who wish to defend her reminded skeptics that the luncheon was a charity event.

In the meantime, two Food Network celebrity chefs Iron Chef Michael Symon and Beau MacMillan have offered to cook with Enzo.

We realize Garten has no obligation or responsibility to the boy, but wouldn't it have been nice if she had taken a few hours to do so?
Maybe things would be different if he had a $100,000 dollars to pay her...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Burger King Bikini Brawl

Panama City Beach is where a cell phone camera captured the action in a Burger King Saturday, as a crowd of tourists rioted.

Employees dialed 9-1-1 for help, as one bikini woman, identified as Kimesia Smith of Montgomery, Ala., jumped up on the counter and threw a charity coin jug at employees, and 3 of Smith's friends also began throwing napkins, utensils, and trays throughout the location.
We are as sick and tired of these losers as you are, but we want to remind people of the kind of world we live in because it inspires us to not be one of them.

According to a Panama City Beach Police Department report, Smith tried to pull away after being handcuffed. “Take your damn hands off me, you can’t touch me,” said Smith. While in custody, she “continued screaming and yelling” at a cop and a Burger King employee who identified her for officers.
In an interview, Smith said that the confrontation began after she complained to workers about the tardy delivery of the Whopper Jr. and french fries she had ordered. She recalled exclaiming loudly, “Damn, these folks are slow.”
After waiting 20 minutes for the items, Smith said she flung the bag of food at workers with whom she had quarreled. Smith also copped to, among other things, throwing another customer’s drink at wokers, pulling the manager’s hair, and throwing the coin jug.
“We tore the Burger King up,” she remarked. “I don’t play no games.”

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Radioactive elements have been detected by monitors in USA

As tap water in Japan has been found with small, yet affected amounts of radiation, trace amounts of radioactive elements have been detected by monitors in Anaheim and Riverside, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on Tuesday.
They are also saying that the “minuscule amounts” are not harmful and “pose no health concern.”
Similar amounts of radioactive iodine, cesium and tellurium were also detected by monitors in San Francisco and Seattle.
“The radiation levels detected on the filters from California and Washington monitors are hundreds of thousands to millions of times below levels of concern,” according to an EPA statement.
The agency noted that on a typical day, Americans receive doses of radiation from rocks, bricks and the sun that are 100,000 times higher than what has been detected in material coming from Japan.

Man Brings Beer to DWI Court Appearance

The 49-year-old man you see in the photo above is in Jail without bail after he showed up for a court hearing for a felony DWI charge drunk with an open can of beer, plus the four cans he had in a bag.
Keith Gruber was an hour and a half late for his court appearance Monday, and when he finally showed up,  Judge Frank LaBuda, asked him if he enjoyed his "liquid lunch."
Gruber said he did, then said he was sorry.
As no surprise, Judge LaBuda sent him to jail with no bail.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pizza employee tells robber he can't rob them because they were just robbed

It was pizza night on Sunday, and two bad guys robbed three pizza restaurants with a handgun, forcing employees to hand over the cash from registers and safes.

The men robbed Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut.

Apparently, the robbers entered the store and “politely” forced an employee to open a register and a safe.

But it was at the Papa John’s, that a man came in the back door, robbed the restaurant and left with money, but then another robber came in the front door and also demanded money.

The pizza employee told the would be robber he wouldn't be able to rob them because they were just robbed.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Texas Taco Bell Shoot Out

Did you know that the the price of the Beefy Crunch Burrito had gone up from 99 cents to $1.49?
We didn't know either, and we really could care less, but the man at the Rigsby Road Taco Bell drive-thru who had just ordered seven, was pretty upset.
He was so pissed off by the price hike he shot an air gun at the manager, then showed a semiautomatic assault rifle and pistol while in the restaurant's parking lot.
So, because of the extra $3.50, he exchanged gunfire with police and barricaded himself in his hotel room.
The SWAT team and this guy spent three hour together in a standoff before he was taken into custody.
Police used tear gas to get him out of the motel room where he was staying and they discovered a rifle and two handguns.

The restaurant manager said his employees told him a customer was upset about the price of the Beefy Crunch Burrito.
“They did use to be 99 cents, but that was just a promotion,” the manger said. “He pointed a gun at me, and he fired it. I leaned to the side and there was a pop but nothing happened.”

A few moments later, he saw the man put an assault rifle and a handgun on the roof of his Mitsubishi Eclipse. Customers dove under their tables, the employees scrambled to the back and the manger locked the doors as the police were being called.
The man then jumped into his vehicle and took off.
A few miles away officers saw the suspect and three patrol units pulled over the car.
As the officers got out of their cars, the man got out of his car carrying the assault rifle in his hands and pointing it at the officers.
Both sides began firing, one of the windshields on a patrol car was shattered.
At that point, the man drove off to the motel,, and the man refused to come out.
Sharpshooters climbed up on the roof of the Sky Line Food Mart next to the motel.

Through a megaphone the negotiator could be heard telling the man to pick up the phone.
“No one needs to get hurt,” the negotiator said.
Without a reply from the man inside, SWAT put tear gas into the room, it was then the man came out without further incident.
The manger later said, “the weird thing is, “He was here a week ago around the same time last Sunday. He yelled at me then too.”

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Spaghetti Brawl

Yes, it's time for more food rage, it's the Spaghetti Brawl.

A brawl broke out in a New York City subway when one passenger got upset because another passenger was eating  spaghetti. 

In the video, which contains profanity, begins with some arguing. Then one woman says, "What kind of animals eat on the train?"

The woman eating the spaghetti responds, "What kind of fat ****** looks like you?"

This goes on for a few moments until both women stand up, and then, the spaghetti starts flying and the brawl began.

Friday, March 18, 2011

What to do? Is it Iodine tablets, salt, seaweed, or red wine?

As the nuclear panic sets in, health food stores, pharmacies and supermarkets thousands of miles from the meltdown in Japan are selling everything in hopes to prevent radiation poisoning.

Russia has sold lots of red wine and seaweed.
We see people in China people buying lots and lots of salt, and in Bulgaria they are running out of iodine tablets.

People are doing this because they simply don't believe government officals who say this is nothing to worry about, like President Obama, inspiring no confidence when he proclaims there's no threat of radiation

The Chinese,  government is calling  for calm after people bought up humongous quantities of salt thinking there was enough iodine to block radiation.

China's Ministry of Health said an adult would need to swallow 6.6lbs of salt at one sitting to prevent radiation poisoning, and the country's largest salt maker, China National Salt Industry Corp., issued a statement saying it had ample reserves and that "panic buying and hoarding is unnecessary".

China keeps telling the citizens there is no threat of radiation contamination from the Fukushima plant, 620 miles from them.
But having told the people that, they went ahead and began checking all incoming food imports for radiation.

Meanwhile in Russia, there was seaweed and red wine flying off the shelves.

The Russian government in the past recommended seaweed, which contains iodine, and red wine, which helps block radiation because of its tannin content.
Sales of vodka were also up because people believe it could help block radiation.

Bakers in Russia have increased production of a special kind of bread which is rich in iodine.

In Bulgaria,  Professor Donka Baykova, a nutritionist, encouraged people to drink red wine to help prevent radiation.

Ukrainians in Bulgaria are using chili peppers as a of blocking radiation.

Sales of potassium iodide tablets have skyrocketed after comments from the Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin, who said it was "definitely appropriate" to buy iodine.

Some people have put plastic wrap over their doors and window to keep the radiation out.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

On this Saint Patrick's Day, Eat, drink and be Merry!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

U.S. Food Prices Jumped 3.9%

Food prices jumped a gigantic 3.9% in February, and that's the biggest increase in almost 37 years, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

Last time last time something like this happened was in November 1974 when food prices soared 4.2% in a month.
Bureau of Labor Statistics officials said 70% of the increase was because of higher prices for fresh and dry vegetables, which went up 48.7%. There were also big increases in prices for meat and dairy products.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You Prepared?

Panic buying is nothing new, but this disaster in Japan reminds us of the importance of being prepared when emergencies come our way.
People in Tokyo, which is home to 12 million people have been buying up radios, torches, candles, fuel containers and sleeping bags, bread, canned goods, instant noodles, bottled water and other foodstuffs at supermarkets.

Retailers said the panic buying is on going with residents struggling to buy food. Yoshiyuki Sakuma was one of many who could not find a single bag of rice. "I couldn't find any anywhere," he said, adding he was now searching for bread.

"If you lose electricity, water and gas, at least you can still eat bread."

There is  lot you can do to get prepared and you don't have to do it all in one day.
Each time you go shopping, toss a few extra essentials in to your cart, and before you know it, you'll have extra food, water, batteries and the supplies you'll need.

We'll be discussing this more in the weeks to come...

University of Virginia Hazing Meal sends Student to the Hospital

Zeta Psi Fraternity  House

The police at the University of Virginia are investigating if a student's seizures were the result of some crazy fraternity hazing.
The first year student was pledging fraternity to Zeta Psi.
Members dared the younger man to drink a whole bottle of soy sauce.
This 19-year-old student pledging Zeta Psi was brought to intensive care after eating the mixture of dog food, matzo balls and gefilte fish coated in an entire bottle of soy sauce.
Apparently the meal is a tradition for pledges.

The university declined to comment specifically on the incident, citing the police investigatio
"While it has not yet been determined whether this incident was related to hazing, hazing is illegal in the state of Virginia and considered a serious criminal offense, as well as a violation of university policy," the university’s spokeswoman Carol Wood wrote in an e-mail. "If found guilty, students are subject to criminal penalties and also university judiciary processes that impose separate penalties, up to and including expulsion from the university."

The student spent four days in the hospital.

Monday, March 14, 2011

As Japan Fights to Survive - No Looting

We were in New Orleans when Katrina hit and we were not only saddened by the devastation but also by the looting.
Some said the looters were stealing to survive, but as we watched, TV's, stereos, guns and beer being carried off through the flood waters we understood that these people only cared about themselves.

In contrast, Japan looks like World War Two all over again and with all this devastation, death and adversity we see a social strength that humbles us.
Supermarkets are cutting prices and vending machine owners giving out free drinks as people work side by side, together in order to survive.
As many observers have noted, there has been no looting in Japan.

Not only was there widespread looting in New Orleans, but in Chile as well after the earthquake last year.
In Britain, during the 2007 floods abandoned cars were broken into and free packs of bottled water were stolen.

So why is it the Japanese respond to disaster by sharing and helping each other, instead of thinking only of themselves?

 What we are seeing in japan is honor and respect, even during times of adversity.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Burger King boss Bernardo Hees insults British women and food

Burger king's chief executive, Bernardo Hees, (photo below, not above) insulted British women and it's food.
The Burger King has had to apologize after he told a group of American students that British women were unattractive and that English food was "terrible".

King Bernardo recalled his younger days at the University of Warwick, saying that there were few distractions to put him off his studies. "The food is terrible and the women are not very attractive." At that poit he decided to put on real charm by telling his audience in Chicago. "Here in Chicago, the food is good and you are known for your good-looking women."

Hees's remark,  has pissed off both female students and British chefs.

"If he views women as potential distractions in academia, I wonder how he views them in the workplace?" asked Charli Fritzner, women's campaigns officer at Warwick University's student union. "It doesn't make Burger King an attractive employer for women."

Michelin-starred English chef Marcus Wareing, said criticism of Britain's food was rich coming from the man responsible for serving up flame-grilled Whoppers and bacon double cheeseburgers. "It's an insult to British gastronomy," said Wareing.

Burger King said its chief executive regretted his remarks on Britain: "Mr Hees apologizes if his comment has offended anyone. It... was intended as a humorous anecdote to connect with his audience."

Those who want to help the Japan Earthquake relief efforts

Those who want to help the Japan Earthquake relief efforts can do so by clicking on:
  Donate Here

Red Cross Responding to Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami
The American Red Cross is offering assistance to the Japanese Red Cross following Friday’s magnitude 8.9 earthquake and resulting tsunami that left towns and villages in Japan devastated.

The earthquake triggered fires and caused severe damage to buildings, leaving five million households without electricity and 1 million without water. Early assessments indicate that more than 2,500 houses have collapsed completely, with 2,500 more damaged.

In addition, as part of preparations for the impact of the tsunami on Hawaii and the West Coast, the American Red Cross provided shelter and comfort to people forced to evacuate from their homes. Red Cross chapters in California, Oregon and Washington opened evacuation centers supporting more than 2,500 people seeking refuge from the tsunami waves. Warehouses and mobile feeding vehicles remain on alert in case they are needed.

Since early Friday morning, we have been in close contact with our colleagues in the Pacific region to offer our support and learn more about the humanitarian needs. The Japanese Red Cross has indicated that it would accept financial support from the American Red Cross for its role providing first aid, emotional support and relief items to those displaced.

On Sunday, the American Red Cross will deploy a disaster management expert from its Washington, DC headquarters to Japan for a week-long mission. She will serve on a seven-person, international team focused on providing high-level support and advice to the Japanese Red Cross, which continues to lead the local earthquake and tsunami response.

To date, the Red Cross has not received any requests for blood from the Japanese Red Cross, the Japanese government or the United States State Department.

In the first 24 hours, the Japanese Red Cross dispatched 62 response teams. These medical relief teams – made up of about 400 doctors, nurses and support staff – are already providing assistance in affected areas through mobile medical clinics, as well as assessing the damage and needs of the communities affected.

More than 300,000 people who were evacuated before the tsunami struck have been housed in temporary centers set up in schools and public buildings where the Red Cross has distributed upwards of 30,000 blankets so far.

The damage caused to the Fukushima nuclear power plant has resulted in serious concerns. The Japanese Red Cross Society remains prepared to support those evacuated from the exclusion zone, and continues to closely monitor the situation.

“The Japanese Red Cross has diligently trained over the past decade, and are able to put their training into practice by assisting the affected people,” said Tadateru KonoĆ©, president of the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake Devastation

Our thoughts and concerns are with the people of Japan during this disastrous time.
As a reminder to all our readers, you never know what the future may bring, so be prepared, stock up on food, supplies and medicine.

Japanese Struggling to Find Food and Water in Disaster Area

The 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan and caused such devastation can be seen here, courtesy of DailyMail .
Mail Online Photos

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 Reasons to Enjoy Coffee

Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D., Associate Nutrition Editor at EatingWell Magazine really likes coffee and so do we.
She talks about the morning ritual of brewing a cup, the smell that perks her up before and of course, the flavor.
Many of you can relate to Kerri, we certainly can.

She is a registered dietitian and a nutrition editor for EatingWell Magazine, she says, "I know that coffee is fine in moderation. It has lots of antioxidants and is low in calories if you don’t load it up with cream and sugar."

She offers reasons reasons that coffee is good for your health...and she says, "there are plenty."
Over 18,000 studies on coffee have been published in the past few decades, revealing these benefits, many of which Joyce Hendley wrote about in the March/April issue of EatingWell Magazine:

1. It protects your heart: Moderate coffee drinkers (1 to 3 cups/day) have lower rates of stroke than non-coffee drinkers, an effect linked to coffee’s antioxidants. Coffee has more antioxidants per serving than blueberries, making it the biggest source of antioxidants in American diets. All those antioxidants may help suppress the damaging effect of inflammation on arteries. Immediately after drinking it, coffee raises your blood pressure and heart rate, but over the long term, it actually may lower blood pressure as coffee’s antioxidants activate nitric acid, widening blood vessels.
2. It diverts diabetes: Those antioxidants (chlorogenic acid and quinides, specifically) play another role: boosting your cells’ sensitivity to insulin, which helps regulate blood sugar. In fact, people who drink 4 or more cups of coffee each day may have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to some studies. Other studies have shown that caffeine can blunt the insulin-sensitivity boost, so if you do drink several cups a day, try mixing in decaf occasionally.
3. Your liver loves it: OK, so the research here is limited, but it looks like the more coffee people drink, the lower their incidence of cirrhosis and other liver diseases. One analysis of nine studies found that every 2-cup increase in daily coffee intake reduced liver cancer risk by 43 percent. Again, it’s those antioxidants—chlorogenic and caffeic acids—and caffeine that might prevent liver inflammation and inhibit cancer cells.

4. It boosts your brain power: Drinking between 1 and 5 cups a day (admittedly a big range) may help reduce risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as Parkinson’s disease, studies suggest. Those antioxidants may ward off brain cell damage and help the neurotransmitters involved in cognitive function to work better.

5. It helps your headaches: And not just the withdrawal headaches caused by skipping your daily dose of caffeine! Studies show that 200 milligrams of caffeine—about the amount in 16 ounces of brewed coffee—provides relief from headaches, including migraines. Exactly how caffeine relieves headaches isn’t clear. But scientists do know that caffeine boosts the activity of brain cells, causing surrounding blood vessels to constrict. One theory is that this constriction helps to relieve the pressure that causes the pain, says Robert Shapiro, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of neurology and director of the Headache Clinic at the University of Vermont Medical School.

So if you like millions of others enjoy coffee, enjoy it...without the guilt.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Woman Attacks Burger King Employees

It's happened again, it's happening still, it's the same old story and it's getting very familiar.
This angry woman starts a fight with Burger Kings employees after she didn't get her order the way she wanted it.
The lovely Tara Lyons, 38, (above mug shot) was arrested and charged with assault and battery and burglary after she climbed over the counter at an Burger King and started throwing breakfast sandwiches and condiments at employees.
She was pissed off after spending $1.06 for a breakfast sandwich, at the drive thru, because she thought someone had spit in her sandwich.

No one seems to know why Lyons thought someone spit in her food, but she suffered a laceration over her face after being pushed off the counter.
After that, Lyons left only to come back into the store, climb over the counter and grab a cup of scalding water.
She then chased several cooks out the back of the store, some of the employees locked themselves in rooms, and the cooks had took refuge on the bus. 

Happy Mardi Gras - It's Fat Tuesday

From all of us here at the Voodoo Kitchen,
we wish you a fun filled Fat Tuesday.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

12,000 years old hunting and fishing gear found in California

Archaeologists have made some fascinating discoveries on two of the Channel Islands off Southern California.

Looking for artifacts of ancient human settlements archaeologists have discovered spearheads and other items  that date back 12,000 years.

These discoveries, at three sites on Santa Rosa and San Miguel islands west of Santa Barbara show the existence of humans in North America, a coastal culture, which consisted of hunters and of a seafaring culture.

The 15-member team led by Jon Erlandson of the University of Oregon's Museum of Natural and Cultural History discovered chipped stone tools, used for fishing and hunting, along with an abundance of seashells and bones.
In the Science Daily piece, Erlandson said, "This is among the earliest evidence of seafaring and maritime adaptations in the Americas, and another extension of the diversity of Paleoindian economies. The points we are finding are extraordinary, the workmanship amazing. They are ultra thin, serrated and have incredible barbs on them. It's a very sophisticated chipped-stone technology."

Team member Todd Braje, of Humboldt State University, said, "We found very thin, expertly made projectile points and it blew us away that these delicate flint-knapped points are this old."

The Priest Celebrates Early

Priest Kury, 35, was arrested because he drove his car off the road and failed a field sobriety test. 
When he was brought back to the police station, the good priest blew a .203 in a breathalyzer test, far beyond Ohio's legal limit of .08.
While he was handcuffed to the wall in a temporary cell , he exposed himself, and went into a rage.
His tearful jail cell sermon covered a variety of subjects, including: Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Palin to Libya and patriotism, all the time demanding to be released.
"Christ on the cross, you got these shackles on me," he said. "I'll give you the sermon on the mount, your sermon on the mount is this: get this f-–g bars off me 'cuz I'm getting a rash."
With Fat Tuesday and Lent just around the corner we bring you two fun videos of the priest from Ohio:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Have Coles Chickens Come Home To Roost?

Coles has been using some suspect advertising by proclaiming "no added hormones" in their chickens.
The reason for the raised eyebrows is because hormones haven't been added to chickens in Australia for 50 years. 

So is the supermarket trying to take advantage of the popular belief that chickens are given hormones to speed growth?

Adding hormones to Australian poultry was outlawed in the 1960s but once a myth starts it's sometimes almost impossible to put things straight.
As a result many people believe that chickens are pumped full of hormones and the Coles campaign sounds like they are saying, "yes, but not us."

By suggesting that their chickens are hormone free it  also suggests that other markets are selling chickens pumped up on hormones.

A Coles spokesman said the supermarket was just countering the myth.
"Chicken in Australia has not been treated with hormones for over 40 years. However, there is still a widespread misconception among customers that they do," he said.
"In fact in July last year, chicken producer Steggles commissioned a Newspoll study among 1000 people that showed that 76 per cent still believed that hormones and/or steroids were used in chicken production."

It's Almost Here - Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day

While many of us are getting ready for Fat Tuesday here in New Orleans, there is another day you might not know about.
It's Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday in Britain (and other countries too) and it's celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.

Shrove Tuesday comes from the old English word 'shrive', meaning "confess all sins". 
It is called Pancake Day because traditionally, on this day it was all about eating pancakes.
Pancakes were eaten because the pancake recipe was the best way to use up all the milk, butter and eggs, which were forbidden during Lent.

A few years back two thirds of people surveyed admitted they just ignore the Pancake Day.
It seems that through the 90s most households would flip a few pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. But now it seems the tradition has lost some traction.

Regardless, we will be enjoying the best of both worlds: flipping a few pancakes in the morning, for breakfast, chowing down jambalaya and Gumbo for lunch,  and a shrimp boil and cornbread for dinner.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Liquor Store Mayhem

Police in Rockland County N.Y. are looking for the woman who trashed a liquor store.

This bizarre woman started break bottles throughout the store,  she didn’t steal anything, she just trashed the place.

“I’m angry about this. In 25 years in this business I’ve never seen something like this,” said the store owner’s son, Chris Giacopell.

The store clerks said the woman came through the door and walked right up to the counter trying to cut ahead in line, very angry.

In the video you can see her arguing with a clerk and during the argument she asked to use the restroom and was told no, and that really pissed her off.

You can see her destroying parts of a shelf as she leaves the store.

Police say that when they catch the woman in the video she’ll likely face a criminal mischief charge.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FOX - two more years of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been offered two more years (seasons the nine and ten) of ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’
If you are a fan of the show like we are then FOX ‘s announcement regarding Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen should make you very happy.

This show does well, no matter where FOX places it into its lineup.
Hell’s Kitchen  performs well in the all important 18-49 demographic.
Last season the show pulled in over 6 million viewers.

This year the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant will be getting a face lift.
There will be balcony seating and a guest table over the pass. (where Chef Ramsay checks the food)

If you have watched Ramsay over the years, dumping the risotto, you know he is a professional who has been the ring master of six simultaneously airing television programs and 25 restaurants.
yes, we know he has had business a tax issues, but it's his kind of dedication and work ethic that impresses us more.

Anyway, season nine of Hell’s Kitchen will air sometime in the summer of 2011.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chimpanzee meat for sale in the UK

Chimpanzee meat is for sale in restaurants and in market stalls in the UK.

Monkey meat, which can cost more than £20 (around $40) a kilogram, is part of the black market trade, known as ‘rife’ in Europe.
Last year over 270 tonnes passed through the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.
The chimpanzee meat was discovered following raids by trading standards in the Midlands.
A Government whistle-blower said: ‘It is well known this practice is underway in the region but I was shocked to discover the meat that was tested was once a chimpanzee.
‘Dubious meat is often tested, and has turned out to be things like rats and vermin in the past – but chimpanzee is unbelievable.’

No one is really sure how the monkey meat arrived in the Midlands, but experts believe it was probably flown into the country from Africa,maybe hidden in luggage.
Dr Marcus Rowcliffe, a researcher at the Zoological Society of London and an expert on the trade, said at least five tonnes of bushmeat arrives in Europe every week to be distributed across the continent.
He said: ‘I’m not at all surprised that bushmeat is on sale in the Midlands because we know the trade is going on in the UK and that there is a regular flow of smuggled meat into the country.
‘However, it is not often that chimpanzee is found as that is rare even in the markets of Africa, so I am surprised by that.

Some is bushmeat, brought in disguised as other meat products such as beef or lamb.
Once in Britain, more than half the illegal meat is distributed through wholesalers or sold at local street markets.
The trade in bushmeat has become big business and even though some hunters go after gorillas, chimpanzees and other primate species, great apes constitute less than one per cent of bushmeat from all species sold on the market.
Officials are warning that imported meat could be carrying infectious diseases such as foot-and-mouth, anthrax, the Ebola virus, TB or cholera.