Sunday, July 26, 2009

Being Vegan, So Last Year

Gwyneth Paltrow loves to cook and in the video the former vegan debones chicken and the vegans squawk, "now Gwyneth has blood on her hands."

Gwyneth Paltrow offended the animal kingdom’s High Priests at PETA yet again.

There's this chicken video and then the Thanksgiviving thing, "Turkey will always be the main event of Thanksgiving (at least in my house) and a whole turkey is the way to go if you’re feeding at least 12. But if your party is smaller, the stuffed turkey breast turns out to be a great halfway point. Brining it overnight insures that you don’t need to baste it and it has a quick cooking time. Why should things be any less festive if dinner is just for two? I came up with these stuffed turkey burgers which were a giant hit in my house. They are the perfect solution for anyone who isn’t feeding a big group (or for a big group that wants to try something different!)."
Yes, the one-time vegan said in 2008 she hadn't eaten meat in 15 years, but now she is showing us how she prepares roasted chicken.
In this video Paltrow is cooking up roast chicken and potatoes, with a farmers' market salad on the side.
She's having fun in the kitchen, and she's passionate about cooking...chicken.
She even shares family kitchen secrets. "My grandmother taught me how to wash chickens, which is to take handfuls of kosher salt, wet the chicken with cold water, scrub inside and out, rinse and dry so it's all nice and ready."
Stuffing the bird with "lovely rosemary" and "gorgeous sage." Sounds good to us, what time's dinner?
Once on a strict macrobiotic regimen – eating mainly grains, veggies, and beans - Paltrow dumped the extreme diet after getting pregnant with her first child in 2003.
In the video she explains that her love of cooking started in college. "We started watching a lot of cooking channels," she says. "And over the years, it's just become a major passion."
While putting together the salad, Paltrow shows her passion for food as she describes the ingredients as "beautiful," "lovely" and "gorgeous."
"I feel inspired to cook all the time."