Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's Really Eating at Fish?

Imagine reaching for an apple on a tree and having your hand suddenly caught by a metal hook that drags you—the whole weight of your body pulling out of the air into an atmosphere in which you cannot breathe.
This is what fish experience when they are hooked for “sport.”

This is the argument against the joys of fishing. Okay fine, but equally disturbing, what about fish that eat other fish, what are we going to do about that?

We are told how ignorant we have been not realizing the terror and suffering that fish endure when they’re hooked and pulled out of the water.

Yes, and how about the terror and suffering fish endure when bigger fish with sharp teeth rip the smaller fish apart? Something must be done.

We are also guilty of rarely stopping to contemplate that fish are complex and intelligent individuals.

Right again, when the bigger individuals (fish) go on the hunt for smaller individuals (fish) all they can intellectually think about is tearing into the flesh of the smaller less complex fish.

In fact, if anglers treated cats, dogs, cows, or pigs the way they treat fish, they would be thrown in prison on charges of cruelty to animals. (going to prison for fishing? That will be next)

What about all the release and catch thing? Sorry, no can do.
Even when anglers put fish back in the water after torturing them, many of the fish die from their stress and injuries.
The same goes for bigger fish who may feel guilty and decide to spit out the smaller fish after torturing and almost swallowing them.
So what can fish lovers do?
We are told to go vegetarian by leaving fish off your plate, you’ll be doing your part to end their suffering. Once you close your tackle box and open your mind, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of our lakes, rivers, and oceans without contributing to animal suffering or environmental destruction. When you put down your fishing pole and pick up a fish-friendly hobby, everyone wins!
And for the bigger fish? Go Vegetarian, learn to eat plankton and algae.

But the real question remains, how are we going to stop fish from eating other fish?
When we do this everyone wins!

Then after we fix that, let's stop birds from catching fish.