Monday, July 13, 2009

Who is this Guy?

We have received a few inquiries about Food Network's Guy Fieri, asking why we don't feature him. True, we have never paid much attention to him, but we took a look and honestly, there's not much to look at.

Guy Fieri’s appearance on David Letterman illustrates why. (WATCH) His jokes completely bomb with the audience and his interaction with Letterman looked forced and awkward.

He even seemed stiff talking about a subject he ought be comfortable with, food. It goes from bad to worse at the end where he takes a bite of a big burger. It looked like Letterman wanted little to do with any of this and Guy really didn't know what to do after that either.
Only his biggest fans would offer applause for taking a bite out of a big sandwich.
He's probably popular and a very nice guy, but when you become a celebrity chef type person we have the right to expect a little more.

But still, if you want to see Guy Fieri and spend an hour with him. "Get Fired Up" with Guy Fieri. The tickets start at $35 and land at $125 - Tickets on Sale.

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