Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chef Prepares Insect Breakfast

Maybe it’s us, but there seems to be a growing number of chefs preparing meals with things we find repulsive.
These chefs are cooking up the very same creepy-crawly cuisine pest control is out to destroy.
In go the eggs, a little Olive oil, butter squares and chopped onion, so far so goodIt was at this moment Chef John J benJohn introduced the next ingredient, “These are our friends, here they go,”The Culinary Institute of America-trained chef, sprinkled mealworms - the larvae of a beetle - into the mix. Sunday’s cooking-with-bugs demonstration was part of the first Boyertown Farmers Market Bug Fest, an event meant to draw attention to insects and the role they play in farming. We have heard of apples and garlic festivals, but bug fest?
We fail to make any connection between awareness and insect eating.
There are lots of things in need of awareness, but we don’t necessarily have to put them in our mouths.
Then, he dished scrambled the mealworm
“Read your FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards on this,” he told them। “You eat about a pound of bugs a year.” Yes, but not on purpose!

Termite treats were up next, looking like harmless Rice Krispies Treats.
But that’s because the small oven-roasted termites mixed into the marshmallows and cereal had broken down, disappearing into the dessert.
Rest assured, though, we’re told these treats were loaded with termite protein, as much as a steak.

Okay, sure, whatever you say. We’ll still have our Porterhouse medium rare please.
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