Thursday, September 22, 2011

Taco Bell, Hot Sauce and a Shot Gun

30 year old Jeremy Combs, (above photo) was really upset that someone forgot to put hot sauce in the bag with the rest of his Taco Bell drive-thru order.
So, Combs returns to the Taco Bell and we are told he pulled out a shotgun and aimed it at an employee, who panicked and ran from the takeout window.
Not certain if he ever got his hot sauce, but we know that Jeremy Combs, (did we mention he's a convicted felon?) that is on both state and federal charges, was arrested yet again for this stunt.

Combs admitted that he had purchased several items from Taco Bell, only to return home to discover “the Taco Bell employee had failed to include his…hot sauce.”
While Combs told cops that he “became upset and drove back to the Taco Bell to confront the employee,” he denied he had a shotgun.
He said the item was actually a tire iron, but during search of Combs’s residence, police discovered a Mossberg shotgun with live rounds of ammunition affixed to its side (the weapon was hidden under the mattress in Combs’s bedroom).

Eventually Combs confessed about the shotgun at Taco Bell, and additionally confessed that the shotgun he bought “from ‘Mark’ at a drug house in Independence, Missouri.” did not have a serial number.

As a matter of interest, Combs’s rap sheet includes 14 felony arrests and three felony convictions.