Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Vampire" Busted For Biting Victim

Josephine Smith, 22, (photo below) was arrested today and charged with felony aggravated battery on an elderly person.
Smith says she's a “vampire” and attacked an elderly man, biting him on the face and arm and tearing away chunks of his skin.

“I’m a vampire, I am going to eat you,” Smith announced before allegedly attacking Milton Ellis.

Ellis, 69, who uses a motorized wheelchair, was asleep when Smith pounced on him, commenced biting, and announced that she was a vampire.

The bleeding Ellis escaped his attacker’s clutches and called 911 from a nearby gas station.

When cops arrived, they located Smith--covered in blood and half naked.
During questioning, she was unable to tell officers what had transpired outside the shuttered restaurant. Nor could she explain what had happened to her pants or why her panties were at her ankles.

Meanwhile, Ellis, who is known as a transient, has been arrested at least 12 times over the past four years for crimes like trespassing, panhandling, battery, and disorderly intoxication.

That's him (photo below) in a mug shot taken following an a bust four months ago.