Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Florida Teen Murder Suspect Says She's a Vampire

An 18-year-old (self proclaimed vampire) Florida girl accused of helping lure a 16-year-old boy into a fatal trap says she's a vampire who has drunk the blood of her boyfriend.

Stephanie Pistey admits that the people involved in the July murder of 16-year-old Jacob Hendershot were in a vampire cult. Pistey, who has been charged with accessory to murder, said she sees herself as a modern day Dracula.

"Since I was like 12 every fiber in my body, basically everything, I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I'm a vampire and part werewolf," Pistey said.

She denied drinking Hendershot's blood, but says she drank the blood of her fiancé and co-defendant William Chase, 25. She says she expects to spend her life in prison.

"Now that I'm here I'm pretty much figuring out I'm going to stay here the rest of my life," said Pistey.