Monday, September 19, 2011


A lot of us have been up in arms over the rapper who we believed was singing the praises of the EBT lifestyle. of

Stanley Lafleur, aka rapper Mr EBT (H-Man) says that people just don't get his message: "I couldn't believe people are hating on me like I'm rubbing the benefit card in the face of taxpayers. They don't get it. My video is a parody."

Lafleur offers an instructional rundown of the abuses of the EBT system with poetic flourishes: "I'm never going hungry, swiping all day y'all. Sandwiches, chips, a big box of Oreos. Cereal, Kix, but I couldn't buy a 40, dog?" At one point, he laments that his dealer doesn't accept food stamps: "I wish I could buy some weed with my EBT but the drug dealer fronted me."

But Lafleur says the video is a reflection of the EBT abuse, not a glorification of it. "That's the whole point of my video and that's what I'm trying to stop. There's a lot of people who really need help but aren't getting it while too many are abusing the system," he told the News. His producer Jermaine Gomes agreed with his sentiment: "It's just amazing that some people don't get it. They think it's seriously some dumb guy just using his EBT card."