Thursday, September 15, 2011

Indian Man Has Been Drinking Wife’s Blood for Three Years

Right on the heels of the girl who is a vampire and the old guy eating raw meat at Walmart we bring you this:
A young woman (that's her in the photo) in India says that her husband has been forcefully drawing blood from her arms with a syringe, putting it into a glass, and drinking it.
He started drinking her blood because he claims it makes him strong.
When ever she tried to resist, that would end up with her husband violently attacking her.

In a bizarre crime on all kinds of levels, but besides making him strong, he also said it was because she was unable to meet his dowry. (we don't understand either)

Mahesh Ahirwar, (the husband in photo below) been arrested on a case of dowry harassment under section 498 of IPC. (who knew)

The woman married him three years ago, and her complaint states that he committed the horrific act nearly every day, because she did not bring money, and a vehicle.

Finally, she left the house after giving birth to a child, and filed the complaint after going to her parents' house at village Shikarpura Piparia in the district.

Relevant charges would be pressed if the allegation of blood-drawing was established, said prosecution officer.