Sunday, September 25, 2011

piranhas Gotta Eat

Okay, that's not a real picture, but the ones below are.

Authorities in Brazil's northeast are trying to take the bite out of piranhas taking the bite out of beachgoers.
It seems piranhas have sunk their teeth into about 100 swimmers.
Piranhas have the teeth and ability to make a hurtful bite into human flesh, and authorities are trying to act fast to reduce the piranha overpopulation situation.

Last weekend, at least 100 bathers were treated at the hospital in Jose de Freitas after being bitten on the heels or toes at the local beach.

"Since they have no predators, piranhas have started attacking people on the beach," said Romildo Mafra, a local environment official.

Officials so far have added tilapia to the piranhas' local food chain hoping to satisfy some of the piranhas hunger.