Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jesus and a Banana Peel

We thought all our sightings for the year had come to a conclusion, but apparently not.
Let's have one more, shall we?

Lisa Swinton saw the face of Jesus in her banana peel.
‘‘I was like ‘Oh my God! It’s Jesus on a banana!’’
‘‘I got it out of the fruit bowl and was about to peel it and eat it when I saw his face,’’ she said.
Even though she believes she saw Christ embedded into the banana, it didn't stop her from eating the blessed fruit, then throwing the holy peel away.
‘‘I put some photos up on Facebook – one of my friends said it looked like a monkey.’’
Ms Swinton seems to have holy visions everywhere.
‘‘One of my friends said they saw the Holy Mother on their bathroom door and another saw an apparition of Mary on the mold of their shower floor,’’ she said.