Sunday, December 20, 2009

Coors Light’s “Cold Activated Can”

We just heard the commercial for the Coors Light’s "Cold Activated Can", which uses "thermal-chromic" ink to tell you when your beer is cold enough to drink.
We realize this is a multimillion dollar campaign to promote their beer, but we keep asking ourselves, "how does this actually promote their beer, what's the attraction?" "Yes, the mountains turn from white to blue, but so what?" "Can’t you just touch the can?"
People who know their beer have told us when drinking beer at 39°F or colder, (as Coors suggests) it's just too cold, the  beer loses it's flavor.
A quality beer should be consumed between 50-60 degree.
Perhaps Coors needs gimmicks or a beer that cold to kill the taste, who knows?
But this we do know this, we have always been able to tell if a can or bottle was cold enough when we picked it up.

As if the “Cold Activated Can” wasn't enough, may we introduce you to the "Cold Activated Glassware."
(Glassware seen above)
Now you can tell if the beer you just poured from your "Cold Activated Can" is cold enough when you pour it in one of these“Cold Activated Glassware." Wow, it just gets better and better.