Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mr.World Fitness Franco Carlotto Sues Whole Foods

He's everything to everybody, he's a six-time Mr.World Fitness champion, actor, model and an inflated physical specimen.
Who is he? why none other than Franco Carlotto, who claims a bowl of cereal took him down.
The lawsuit is brewing up something big and Franco pointing his finger at Whole Foods, claiming a "defective" brand of "Whole Foods Market Organic Everyday Value Organic High Fiber Cereal" broke his teeth when he bit down down on a "portion of the cereal that had solidified to a hardened mass."

In Franco's lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Franco claims he's furious because Whole Foods gave no warning of the "particular risk of hardening of the cereal" or "solidification of the cereal."
This is kind of odd, most cereals get soggy after adding milk, don't they?

Carlotto claims he sought medical treatment for the injury -- he's suing for an unspecified amount.