Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gordon Ramsay and Milk Money

Chef Gordon Ramsay has another issue to deal with, Dairyland USA has filed a lawsuit against Ramsay because they say his New York City restaurant failed to pay a food bill.
With his own Kitchen Nightmares becoming a reality, Gordon Ramsay aparently owes $101,000 to Dairyland USA for an outstanding order given to his Manhattan restaurant on Thanksgiving Day.
We can't help but wonder how Chef Ramsay can offer another season of advice on Kitchen Nightmares, with a straight face?
For Ramsay, this must be especially embarrassing because Kitchen Nightmares features him as a savior of other people’s restaurants.
“It’s not great if you’re making a show called Kitchen Nightmares and advising people on how to fix their businesses for you to go bankrupt,” says Pat Llewellyn, producer of the program and Ramsay’s partner in a production company called One Potato Two Potato.