Sunday, December 6, 2009

PETA - "KFC Cripples Chickens"

PETA wants to erect another statue, this time, it's a bloodied, bandaged chicken in Louisville as a protest to the KFC restaurant chain.
People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals has applied for a city permit to display the 5 1/2-foot statue on a street corner for three months.
As you can see in the photo, the statue reads, "KFC Cripples Chickens.
Actually, they cook chickens, don't they?
By saying "KFC Cripples Chickens" puts PETA on shaky ground because it really isn't KFC who is doing the crippling or killing - it's the factory-farms KFC buys their meat from.
KFC expalins this:
"KFC does not own or operate any poultry farms or processing facilities. Instead, it purchases chickens from, at any given time, approximately 16 different suppliers who collectively operate up to 52 facilities around the country."