Thursday, December 10, 2009

Woman Arrested - Hitting Boyfriend with a Steak

Allow us to introduce Elsie Egan. (above photo)
This Florida woman, 53, has been arrested  for hitting her boyfriend several times in the head with a raw steak. 
Peter Schabhuttl, the 49 year old boyfriend, is described by the police as disabled and terminally ill with cancer.
He told the police that Egan, his live-in girlfriend of 16 years (just imagine), hit him "on top of his head with an uncooked steak (approximately 10-16 oz.)" after they quarreled about bread to be consumed at dinner. Schabhuttl wanted a roll. Egan, however, wanted him to eat sliced bread. "He said that when he refused, she attacked him with the steak."
Even though Egan denied attacking him with the steak, she admitted slapping Schabhuttl several times "so that he can learn."