Sunday, December 27, 2009

Denver SkyChefs have a problem - Roaches, Bacteria

With airlines charging $4.00 for a silly, little container of crackers and cheese, come to think of it, we're not sure anyone is even buying in-cabin meals and snacks.
But in the event someone is paying the $4.00 for in-cabin food, here's a heads up.
The FDA just gave us another reason not to waste our money.
Very yucky conditions have been found in a Denver kitchen preparing  around of 35,000 meals a day for airlines like American to United.
We can sum up the findings in the LSG SkyChefs facility with a four letters abbreviation which was used to describe the roaches and other insects found there: TNTC.
That stands for Too Numerous To Count.
Yes, you read correctly, the roaches and other insects were too numerous to count.
Here are some of the problems the FDA issued in a written warning to LSG SkyChefs.
  • Cart wash area - Live and dead roach-like insects too numerous to count (TNTC);
  • Repack area - Live roaches (TNTC), as well as ants;
  • Dish machine wash area - At least 13 dead roaches inside the machine loading area and 31 or more dead nearby the machine.
Inspectors also found evidence of contamination with Listeria monocytogenes, which causes serious foodborne illness.

Beth Van Duyne, a spokeswoman for LSG Skychefs, told us the company "cannot wait for that re-inspection to happen." The company took "immediate, effective and proactive action" as soon as it learned of the findings, she said. (where were you before the inspection Beth?)
"We make no excuses," she said. "This is unacceptable to the standards that LSG has held itself to for 70 years now."
No customers have canceled their orders, she said, and the company hasn't received any reports of illnesses or complaints from travelers.