Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Prove you're not anti vegan

After the interesting debate following the post: "Plants like everything else fights to survive," we received a few orchestrated suggestions from our vegan friends to watch someone named Elaine on youtube.
The offer was for us to make a video proving we don't hate vegans or vegetarians.
We don't recall ever saying we hated vegans or vegetarians, but not to be bothered with minor details, the emails still challenged us to decide what kind of people we are.
Apparently we need to prove if we are kind or if  we are killers.
It seems the debate unnerved a few people and now some vegetarians want us to explain ourselves.
We watched the video and sorry people, we aren't sure what Elaine is talking about, she was all over the place.
She make one thing clear however, debate is forbidden unless we compromise our standards and make a video proving we aren't anti vegan.
Really, what does she care?
But, here's our suggestion instead:
Elaine needs to read the post "Plants like everything else fights to survive,"and all the comments, then she needs to make a coherent video.

Here she is: