Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AMC Theaters to Ban Outside Food

AMC Entertainment said the company has decided to ban it's customers from bringing outside food into its cinemas.

AMC theaters began testing the "no outside food" rule in October and now it is being implemented nationwide.
"We had always allowed guests to bring in whatever they want even though people didn't think we did,"
"Not allowing guests to bring (snacks) in is consistent with many other entertainment venues, whether concerts, live theater, sporting events," AMC spokesperson said.

While AMC did not comment on the company's reasons for the move, we can guess...MONEY.
The theater chain has recently seen declining revenues and drops in concession sales, so, it's the money.
Assuming this new policy will require some form of of checking customers at the door, we wonder, are they going to place our hands on the wall, kick our feet apart and frisk us?