Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hollywood star Jennifer Garner is in shock because her request to appear on chef Ina Garten's cooking show
The Barefoot Contessa has been rejected.
The stunned star was snubbed because the actress wasn't a "real friend".
Jennifer Garner loves cooking  for her husband Ben Affleck and their two young daughters and often tries out new recipes from Garten's Barefoot Contessa show on the Food Network.

So Garner thought it would be a great idea to appear on Garten's show like she did with  Martha Stewart
(photo below) to see if she could help boost the profile of the show, but the request was denied.

Garner says, "I know somebody who is a friend of hers, and she says she's going to get us together.
"I tried to get on Ina's show... but eventually she just said, 'I'm sorry, I only use my real friends on the show.' I felt like, 'What are you saying? That we're not friends? I know everything about you!'"

On Ina Garten's website we find the following question and answer:

How can I be a guest on the show?
"As you probably know, all the guests on the show are really my good friends. Many people have asked to be guests, but my producer and I feel that it's more authentic if the guests continue to be my friends. Since the show is filmed in my kitchen in East Hampton, unfortunately, there's no extra room for an audience."