Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hell's Kitchen Season 9

So, Hell's Kitchen is over, we congratulate Paul (above photo) for winning the job at Manhattan's BLT Steak.

He beat out Will Lustberg (photo below) of Jersey City, N.J., for the Job, but some could be argued that all the award for big mouth, smack talking, goes to Elise Wims.

Ramsay allowed her keep her chef's jacket, when he eliminated her. "You're Teflon. Well done," he told her, even as she was on the verge of tears. "Keep your jacket. You deserve it."
He also told Elise what all of us wanted to tell her, "Just stop being such a bitch!"

Hell's Kitchen s always fun, but this year, we had difficulty staying interested.
Maybe people will disagree about who should have won, Paul or Will, but the real question for us, is why Elsie (photos below) was kept around for as long as she was.

Could it be her tremendous talent or because of all the drama she caused, which unfortunately equals ratings these days.

We know ratings are practically everything to the networks, but credibility has it's place too. Did Ramsay really think Elsie deserved to be around for do long? We hope not.

We have never seen anyone go on the chopping block as many times as Elise and lasted until the very end.

We really believe the producers kept her on for ratings, they knew people would watch to see when she was going to be kicked off.

But we think she lowered the bar for the show, and for us Hell's Kitchen lost some credibility.

Of course, we will continue to watch the show, but perhaps for it's entertainment fun and not for any culinary value.