Thursday, October 6, 2011

The French Fat Tax

France is next on the list to impose fat tax on sugary sodas such as Coca-Cola...

This new tax will add just over 1p to a can of sodas such as Coca-Cola.

French officials want to impose a 'fat tax' on sugary soft drinks because they believe this will somehow stop child obesity.

The diet, zero-calorie 'diet' drinks will be exempt from the charges.

It's interesting, the revenue isn't for any nutritional programs, instead to fund lower social security charges for farm workers.

The move comes days after France also announced it would be rationing tomato ketchup and salt in school cafeterias.

Under the rules, tomato sauce and mayonnaise will only be on dinner tables once a week when fries are served and would be removed when traditional French dishes are being served.

So, the French government is now obsessed with what they determine to be excessive weight gain and are targeting sugary drinks, and the evil mayonnaise and ketchup.