Saturday, October 15, 2011

North Korea has a luxurious cruise ship

The North Korea has a luxurious cruise ship, it's their first luxury liner, and it's loaded with fun.
It's all very exciting, the cabins are shared with people you don't know, and the ship is rusty, what more could you ask for?

If you are fortunate enough to eat at the Captain's Table, remember it's a help yourself buffet.

The vice mayor Hwang Chol-nam of Rason City, gave a speech applauding the cruise ship as part of a push to attract tourism.

On board entertainment is fast pace and exciting, a waitress dances while a North Korean man sings karaoke.

During the 21-hour overnight cruise, passengers get to sleep on wooden bunk-beds while others were assigned mattresses on the floor.
Except for the Captain's table meals are served cafeteria-style on metal trays.

Deck chairs and tables are plastic, but accompanied by bright parasols
The price is around US$310 per passenger for an all-inclusive, five-day trip.
Officials say,'It ought to be very popular.'
'People from China’s northeast would really like this kind of trip because it’s a cruise. You can enjoy the sea.

Bon Voyage