Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ex model who killed and ate husband seeks parole

It happened 20 years ago...
A former model who killed, cooked and ate her husband 20 years ago is making an attempt for freedom next week.

Omaima Aree Nelson will! appear before a California parole board to plead for an early release from Chowchilla State Prison, where she is serving 27 years to life.

Nelson killed her 56-year-old husband, William Nelson, over Thanksgiving back in 1991, only after a month of marriage.
There's a photo of the happy couple below.

"It was the most gruesome case I saw," Former Costa Mesa Police Sgt. Bob Phillips said. "She did not seem like a person that was coherent."

At the time of her arrest, Phillips said, "Omaima Nelson is the most bizarre and sick individual I've had the occasion to meet. No one needs to look to the Dahmers of Milwaukee or the Hannibal Lecters of the screen. A new predator has emerged, named Omaima."

Nelson claimed at trial she had been abused and she killed him in their Costa Mesa apartment.

But want not, waste not, after murdering him, She boiled her husband's head on the stove and fried his hands in oil.

She once admitted, but now denies, dipping his body in barbecue sauce. Neighbors at the time said the garbage disposal was on for "a long time" and "constant chopping sounds" were coming from the home.
Of course we all know how much work cooking Thanksgiving weekend can be.

Nelson offered ex-boyfriends $75,000 to help get rid of some of the body parts, but no one was interested.
But on Dec. 2, 1991, she was arrested after police found trash bags containing human body parts in the couple's apartment and in the victim's Corvette.