Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Vision or Going Bananas?

Cedric Hooper bought some bananas at his local supermarket and when he got home and found one skin contained two bananas. (sorry, but the story doesn't get much better)

"This banana looked fatter than the others we bought and when we split it open there were two inside instead of the usual one," he said.
"They were both within the same skin - it looked really strange.
"I like a banana most days and have bought thousands - but I've never seen anything like this one."
Mr Hooper said he had still eaten the fruit.
"Both tasted fine," he added.
Okay, we know the story sucks, but we were excited because Mr. Hooper didn't think the banana looked like Jesus, as we see below.

Maybe there is a connection of some kind, what do we know?, we're only food people looking for answers.