Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jewish cardiologist with Israel's first ever cook book devoted to pork

A retired Jewish cardiologist is set to really stir the pot of controversy - with Israel's first ever cookery book devoted to pork.
As you may know pork meat is forbidden to religious Jews and Muslims, and it's a taboo in the Israeli society.
Even though Israelis may be secular,  pork is something not discussed, not even in the media.
It is legal to eat pork in restaurants, but it's ordered in code, as the "white meat".

Regardless the prejudices towards pork, our Jewish cardiologist/author Eli Landau is not discouraged and plans on launching "The White Book" for the New Year.

This is a self funded publication because he was unable to find an Israeli publisher willing to accept the subject matter.
How does he feel about the religious people of both faiths who will not be happy with a pork cookery book being published here?
"I don't bother them, they shouldn't bother me. Live and let live," he said.
Does he think it's possible he could be in danger because of his cookbook? He laughs: "I don't think so and I've lived enough,"

Mr Landau was a heart surgeon for most of his life, one of Israel's best, before his passion for food took over in retirement.
The stuffed pig that went into the oven for six hours, came out browned and delicious. (above photo)
Perhaps reading his cookbook and enjoying the taste of pork is a little like joining a secret society, but the
cardiologist turned pork enthusiast hopes there are enough people in Israel who are liberal and open-minded enough.