Monday, January 4, 2010

Iron Chef - Battle of the White House Vegetables

It was the holiday season.
It was the time for our favorite comfort foods and all the holiday indulgences, then there on the Food Network it happened, the First Lady, telling us to eat our vegetables.
Yes, it was, Michelle Obama, Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Cristeta Comerfor in the celebrity Iron chef overload.
The last thing we want to hear is a sermon about eating our vegetables when we are only half way through our holiday apple pie.
Don't they know stuff like this crushes the spirit of the holiday chocolates?
The four chefs, divided into teams of Lagasse and Batali vs. Flay and Comerford, and they were challenged to use White House garden ingredients to "create a healthy meal."

The actual cooking battle portion of the show was really boring, so we started counting how many commercials they could cram into the program, we lost count.
Then, after the commercials we were forced to endure a boring recap of the show we just saw before the commercial.  And really, how many times did we need to hear “CULINARY SUPER BATTLE?”
Poor Emeril,  sweating like a pig,  into and onto everything.
In case you were acting in your best interest and missed the show,  Bobby Flay and White House Chef Comerford won the battle. Wow, what a surprise!!!
We really don't know how much we can expect from Iron Chef these days, but the Food Network has practically dismissed all association with Batali and Lagasse. and could we really expect  the chef from the White House to lose?