Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Food Rage, again, at McDonald’s

Melodi Dushane, 24, of Toledo, Ohio has been arrested for smashing a McDonald’s drive through window when she was denied chicken McNuggets.
It was 6:20 am New Year’s day when Melodi Dushane drove up to the window and ordered the McNugget’s as well as other dinner items.
She was told that dinner items were not available after 2:30 am. (we thought that was common knowledge)
It was at this time Ms. Dushane allegedly became upset and punched McDonalds’s employee Melissa Vasquez in the mouth. (wasn't she charged with assault as well?)
The night manager, Tia Walker, came to the window and Dushane took a swing at her and tried to pull her through the drive through window.
When that failed, Dushane punched the window, breaking it and sending glass flying everywhere.

Police were called and Melodi Dushane was arrested for felony vandalism (what? no assault charges?) and tossed in the jail after being treated at a local hospital for her minor injuries.
Her court date is January 28th and she has been ordered to stay away from that McDonald's.