Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heart shaped strawberries just in time for Valentine’s Day

There is a farm in Tasmania that has begun producing heart shaped strawberries that are in heavy demand because of Valentine’s Day.

Josh Engwerda, a 22 year-old engineering graduate from Melbourne, forged the idea while gardening at home, with his inspiration coming from those square shaped watermelons from Japan. (remember them?)

"I’d seen square-shaped watermelons in Japan and then I was gardening with my strawberries and something just clicked,” he said.
"By now I’ve done about 32 versions on the computer which seven of those got made into actual moulds."
"The thing about it is it’s much more difficult than you think because strawberries obviously don’t grow naturally in heart shapes so you learn through trial and error."

These strawberries don't come cheap, one strawberry costs $2.50.