Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top Secret Weight Loss Foods

For those of you who want to eat better for the next few months, here are our 8 top secret foods for weight loss,
it's painless, try it and watch as the pounds melt away.

That's right, full fat cheese, it's an excellent source of casein protein-- one of the best muscle-building nutrients you can eat. What's more, Danish researchers found that even when men ate 10 ounces of full-fat cheese daily for 3 weeks, their LDL ("bad") cholesterol didn't change.

Repeat after us, I LOVE PORK.
When it comes to per gram of protein, pork chops contain almost five times the selenium--an essential mineral that's linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer--of beef, and twice that of chicken. And Purdue researchers found that a 6-ounce serving daily helped people preserve their muscle while losing weight.

Coffee reduces your appetite, increases your metabolism, and gives you a nice dose of antioxidants.
The average metabolic rate of people who drink caffeinated coffee is 16 percent higher than that of those who drink decaf.
Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system by increasing your heart rate and breathing.
Really, could there be a more perfect beverage?

Scientists discovered that people who ate half a grapefruit three times a day lost 4 pounds in 12 weeks, even though they ate a normal diet the rest of the time.

An apple a day may also keep the weight away.
Researchers discovered that people who ate a large apple 15 minutes before lunch took in almost 200 fewer calories during a meal compared to those who didn’t eat that apple beforehand.

Forget the breakfast bars and cold cereal, eating eggs and bacon in the morning can help you control your appetite during the day. Protein at breakfast leaves you feeling full longer.

Researchers found that people who consumed beans were 23 percent less likely to have large waists than those who said they never ate them. Bean eaters seem to have lower blood-pressure issues.
Beans are rich in potassium, which helps fight hypertension. Try for half a cup of cooked beans 3 or 4 days a week.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in Salmon help you feel full longer. Eating foods high in omega-3s increased blood levels of leptin, a hormone that promotes feeling full. If you wont eat fish take a fish-oil capsule every day - one that has 500 milligrams of the omega-3s DHA and EPA.

You may stay on this top secret weight loss plan even longer than a few months, who knows, you may even enjoy it.