Wednesday, January 27, 2010

McDonald's fires employee over a slice of cheese

A McDonald's in the Netherlands fired an employee for giving a colleague a piece of cheese on a hamburger, and the court has ruled.

The employee was fired last March after she sold a hamburger to a co-worker who then asked for cheese, which she added.

McDonald's argued this turned the hamburger into a cheeseburger, and she should have charged more.
They also said, she had broken staff rules prohibiting free gifts to family, friends or colleagues.

But Leeuwarden district court ruled a written warning would have been the best way to have handled this.

The court also stated, "The dismissal was too severe a measure. It is just a slice of cheese."

It ordered McDonald's to pay the worker the salary for the remaining five months of her contract - a total of 4,265 euros ($5.976.55)

McDonald's was also told to pay court costs.

So, now the cheeseburger cost McDonald's over $6.000 dollars, but what do they care?, they maintained discipline.