Friday, January 15, 2010

White House Vegetables was Show Business as Usual

It turns out that the fruits and vegetables used in that "Iron Chef America" at the White House did not, in fact, come from the White House garden.
The vegetables used in the Jan. 3 episode of the Iron Chef, which were supposed to have been harvested from the White House vegetable garden had been donated from somewhere else.
It seems the time lag between the White House harvest scene filmed in October and the cooking competition filmed a week later in New York was too much for the vegetables to have remained fresh.

We wouldn't care if the celebrity chefs had not misled us during the show talking about the vegetables from the White House vegetable garden.

Even though this episode was the most watched show ever on the Food Network, the falseness of the White House garden vegetables seemed to suggest that all politics, and Iron Chef America is show business as usual.