Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gordon Ramsay criticized for being disrespectful

Gordon has done it again.
He has been criticized for being disrespectful, this time, towards Indians.
We watched the curry cooking competition and the search for ant chutney in his Great Escape where used a few obscenities, but what would you expect?

More than 100 viewers complained to Channel 4 about his behavior during the three-part series.
The program shows Ramsay visiting different parts of India to learn their traditional cooking methods.
Viewers got upset when Gordon Ramsay described an Indian guru as ‘Father Christmas’ and repeatedly used obscenities when speaking to locals.
Ramsay, says he has never to have eaten a dish without meat, made fun of a guru's belief in vegetarian food, saying: "When I first saw him I thought he was Father Christmas. But I don't dig all the stuff about the food. I respect carrots, fine, but they're not living to keep us happy."

He told a tree climber in Kerala: 'You little fu*ker, making me look like a t***.'
Channel 4 said it had warned viewers about the chef's language.
"Gordon is a passionate character and viewers know what to expect when watching his programs. The series was broadcast after the watershed and each episode was preceded by a clear language warning," a Channel 4 spokeswoman said.

Here's the curry cooking competition:

Here's the Ant Chutney segment: