Sunday, November 15, 2009

Russian Man Eats His Mother

We are losing count. Cannibalism in Moscow, it's all the rage.
A Russian man accused of killing and eating  his mother was sentenced to 14 years and three months in prison.
The standard sentence for such a crime is 15 years, but a Russian court ruled Sergei Gavrilov only ate his mother because he was hungry, not because of cannibalism.(makes sense to us... not)
The unemployed Gavrilov, 27, admitted he ate parts of his murdered mother's legs for meals for several weeks, saying he turned to cannibalism because he was broke and hungry.
Gavrilov said he killed his mother after she wouldn't turn over her pension check, which he said he wanted for drinking and gambling.After he spent her money, Gavrilov said he began removing and preparing parts of his mother's body to stave off hunger.
The well-preserved legless corpse was found on the balcony.
It was well below freezing outside and that explains why his mother’s corpse was well preserved.
This is why food safety is so important.
Every day he would cut a piece of her legs and cooke soups and pasta sauces.
"I did not like the flesh," he told police investigators. "It was too fatty."