Friday, November 6, 2009

Give Chef David Chang the Stage and he Insults San Francisco

New York City chef David Chang sharing the stage with chef Anthony Bourdain use the NYC Wine and Food Festival to ridicule the San Francisco food scene.
Chang began ripping into the bay area chefs and their lack of culinary creativity.
"I will call bullshit on San Francisco," Chang said. "There's only a handful of restaurants that are manipulating food ... f--cking every restaurant in San Francisco is serving figs on a plate with nothing on it."
There was a movement to ban Chang from an upcoming book signing in the City.
Bourdain called that movement "shameful."
But chef David Chang made it to San Francisco anyway to promote his cookbook and to clarify his colorful remarks about the bay area chefs.
Chang explained his comments at the start saying Bay Area chefs—and chefs everywhere for that matter—have grown too content with the status quo, and there needs to be a progressive movement lest things get complacent here, there and everywhere.
"Why would people get upset?" "I'm not gonna retract what I said. I think everybody needs to chill out. People need to smoke more marijuana in San Francisco."
Chang told the crowd they could "f***in' kill me outside."
He made it out alive.