Monday, November 9, 2009

Whats the difference in evaporated milk and condensed milk?

We know many of you are baking this holiday season, we have received many emails asking,
"Whats the difference in evaporated milk and condensed milk?"
Instead of replying individually , here's our collective answer:

Condensed milk is sweetened and has a great light caramel taste to it.
Condensed milk is often used when making candies, puddings, pies, frosting, used in many desserts.
Evaporated milk is just a thicker milk.
So if a recipe calls for milk, you can use Evaporated milk, that will add some richness because it has about the same consistency as cream.

The bottom line is, Evaporated milk is just like milk except it's in a can and you can use it in recipes that call for milk, and Condensed milk is a gooey milk that tastes sinful.